Columbus discovers the Americas at the same as OTL. However, in the center of the Great Plains, there is an alien colony (Please Note: I do not intend this to be an Alien Space Bat, but a 'proper' exploration). As a result of the colony, the native American tribes are clustered on the edges of the Continent, and due to slight tech leak, are more advanced than OTL. The Aztec, Mayan and Incan empires are larger and more formidable. Into this, the European nations stumble. I may make this into a timeline.


  1. The word of the Mods is law, unless you can prove them conclusively wrong.
  1. Players can control one nation only
  2. There will be an algorithm for Player vs Player wars.
  3. Player vs NPC will be done by an Unbiased Mod on
  4. I will Roll turns, once everyone has had a turn but with a max of one turn per day.

One turn = one year ( Mod defined extreme cases one turn = one-half year)

  1. Please look at the map carefully.
  2. Only mods can edit the map. (I CANNOT DO THIS, I DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT PROGRAM)
  3. Mods reserve the right to strike out implausible moves.
  4. There will be an INTERNATIONAL COURT OF IMPLAUSIBILITYfor any complaints. See that page for any further rules concerning Implausibility.
  5. Game will be archived every ten years.
  6. Players cannot edit their turns once they post it unless directed by a mod.
  7. No Flight until 1700, no Space until 1850, no (space) colonies until you feel ready to take on the aliens (but not before 2000)

Alien Rules

  1. Aliens are Mod controlled.
  2. The more land you hold around them the more likely you are to a) get Tech or B) be attacked.
  3. The amount of land the aliens control is limited to the black bit on the map at the start. This will never change.

Important Pages (please read)

The Tech Page

Algorithm Page



Current Map

Columbus First contact-1500

The world in 1500

Changes, Issues, and Complaints




Mods (contact me if you wish to Mod)

Head Mod: David Rain

1) DeanSims

2) JoeyB98




If * then your nation is not able to colonise straight away. There is always a reason for this. Recommended for experienced players. Contact me (David Rain) if unsure.



North America

  • Apache
  • Cherokee
  • Haudenosaunee Empire -- Willster22 18:41, June 17, 2012 (UTC)

Central America

South America

  • Inca
  • Cambeba
  • Tupi



  • Kalmar Union: King John I takes a hobby in cartography and decides he wants to recolonize the ancient Norse settlements in the mystical "Vinland' hinted in the old books. He orders that a fleet of exploratory ships be commissioned. Contacts England about a future mutual military invasion of Scotland and eventual partition Note: I understand no one is playing England. I must assume a mod will decide whether England will accept or not.
  • England ( Accepts.
  • France: France continues to improve its military and economy.
  • Iroquois: The Iroquois start to send expeditions westward along the great lakes, hoping to come in contact with these so called aliens.
  • Spain: An exploration fleet is launched into the Atlantic Ocean, hoping to receive results within a few years. An alliance is offered to France. Additionally, the army begins to expand, hoping to be able to combat the Moroccans within a few years. An additional government program seeks to convert the Muslims currently living in Spain to the "true way" through the establishment of churches.
    • France accepts the alliance.
  • France: Going along with the rest of Europe, France goes one step farther and sends an exploration and colonial fleet across the Atlantic Ocean, they make landfall in two places very far away from another, one in OTL Labrador/Quebec, and one in OTL Argentina. Settlements are established in these new lands and they are claimed for the King of France. They are called Quebec and Patagonia, although Patagonia will also be called New France by the people of France.

Please note: the above statement is currently being debated at the ICI. Please do not take any action upon it until the case has been resolved.

  • Maya: Set up a city in OTL Florida. Begin Research on Metal extraction and Research and development. Ask for an alliance with the Aztecs.
  • Russia: Expands eastward, crossing and conquering the Urals in six months, then Continues east and South. Asks for an alliance with the French.

Please note: the above statement is currently being debated at the ICI. Please do not take any action upon it until the case has been resolved.

    • French D: France accepts the offer and offers Russia help in building a road system.


  • Maya: Continue to expand into OTL Florida whilst Research on Metal extraction and Research and development continues. The everglades prove troublesome so a city is established farther up the coast at OTL Cape Coral. (original settlement at Miami).
  • France: Patagonia and Quebec continue to expand.

Please note: the above statement is currently being debated at the ICI. Please do not take any action upon it until the case has been resolved.

  • Kalmar Union: With constant royal pushing, the fleet is completed quickly, with some ships being taken from the navy. 25 ships are launched from Stockholm harbor in late March, holding four thousand colonists of all trades, weapons for dealing with the legendary "Skraelings", tools for building, and trade goods to trade with any native inhabitants.. By August they have reached Rejyavik harbor, and are restocked and sent into the open ocean. Due to this pushing the invasion of Scotland is pushed back, and military advisors estimate that this wasteful move will push the invasion back at least two years.
  • Russia: Continues expanding East, also preps a fleet to go over Europe and reach Vinland. Begins building a road system across Russia with France's help. Offers an alliance and aid against the Skraelings to the Kalmar Union.
    • KU Diplomacy: Agrees to speak with Russia about a potential alliance, but must remind them that Skraelings are probably mythical creatures, fairy stories brought back by Leif Erikson. In more practical terms, before an alliance is considered, concrete border agreements must be made along the Finnish border. The KU asks as a preliminary offer full control of the Kola peninsula and of Karelia in exchange for exclusive logging rights and full access to Danish ports. Suggests Russia build a port city southeast of the Finnish town Viipuri to allow Russia sea access (OTL Saint Petersburg). Otherwise you will not even be able to build ships to colonize "America". (what is this "America" that Russia speaks of? Do you know something we don't? ;) )
    • Russia: Agrees. (What? America? You must have misread! We said (Ahem) Vinland!)



  • Kalmar Union: Thanks Russia for accepting the treaty. Finnish settlers are sent to occupy the new land and a vote is prepared to grant Finland member status. (Confused? See the KU country page here.) Thousands of trees are logged and brought down to the Russian border where, as agreed, KU workmen begin building the foundations of a new city, with the help of some nearby Russian villagers. Some Russian men are voluntarily brought to Sweden to be taught shipbuilding techniques.
    • Vinland Colonists: Through heavy storms, two ships were lost at sea from the great fleet, and most were damaged. The colonists make a heavy landing near the ancient Viking settlements of L' Anse aux Meadows in OTL Newfoundland. As the majority of their ships are damaged, the surviving 3700 colonist begin building settlements all over the island, which lives up to its name, as grapevines are found everywhere. The fastest undamaged ship is sent back to the homeland with the news and maps, while two more explore to the north and west. A temporary Republic of Vinland is set up to govern the colony while the homeland is beyond reach.
  • 'Mayan Empire': Continues to expand into Florida. Research on Metal extraction and Research and development continues.
  • Russia: Thanks the KU for building the city and sends the Royal Engineers to aid them. The first fleet is prepared to go to Vinland, with supplies and all, and the ships begin to be built. Annexation of the Urals is almost complete, with only limited resistance. Several new towns are established to mine. for gold, etc.
    • As Russia does not have a complete seaport, KU engineers offer to show the Russians a technique that allows them to "roll" ships across land on cut trees. Since the ships cannot be launched from a river, they offer to roll the ships to Helsinki harbor to be launched.
    • Thanks the KU and Agrees.


  • Mayan Empire: Continues to expand into Florida. Research on Metal extraction and Research and development continues.
  • Russia: The first fleet, consisting of two ships to scout out the land, lands in southern Vinland (OTL South Florida), and discovers the Mayans. Initial contact is attempted, but neither side understand the other and a misunderstanding leads to a fight in which the Russian superior weaponry wins, killing eight Mayans and driving off or injuring another 12. The Russians suffer only one man injured. Having secured the Urals, begins urbanizing. Also, modernizes the Army, handing out newer rifles and muskets.


What is this? We must have order! We cannot post new years whenever we feel like it! Also: Russia: You have no seaports. You cannot launch your ships (unless you want to roll them there, like I suggested above). 1498 has not occurred yet. I don't want to have to constantly police this, I want to have some fun. Let's shape up so everyone can. JoeyB98

JOEY!!!!!! YOU MIGHT NOTE THAT WE ARE ONE DAY BEHIND! I forgot to update today so I'm doing it rather late! KU are helping Russia, lending their seaports. David Rain (Sometimes...) Calm down

... I said I was rolling them, Joey. Or at least I made that pretty clear, as I explained. What ^^ he said. Vir prudens non contraventum mingit 17:05, June 28, 2012 (UTC)

All right, sorry. I just saw 1497 and then 1498 very soon after and panicked... By the way, are we the only three playing? JoeyB98


  • Mayan Empire: Continues to expand into Florida. Research on Metal extraction and Research and development continues.<
  • Russia: The first fleet, consisting of two ships to scout out the land, lands in southern Vinland (OTL South Florida), and discovers the Mayans. Initial contact is attempted, but neither side understand the other and a misunderstanding leads to a fight in which the Russian superior weaponry wins, killing eight Mayans and driving off or injuring another 12. The Russians suffer only one man injured. Having secured the Urals, begins urbanizing. Also, modernizes the Army, handing out newer rifles and muskets.
  • I'm starting this turn now after this little quibble. I am allowing Vir prudens non contraventum mingit the right to edit his post, due to the fact he forgot to look at the map. see his talk page. David Rain (Sometimes...) 18:05, June 28, 2012 (UTC)
  • Yeah, really sorry about that. I saw that you were in Florida and thought you took the land route.
  • Kalmar Union: The ship arrives in Trondheim harbor and a horseman is sent across land to tell the king of the news. Overjoyed, he sends a full half of the navy to go and expand Kalmar influence in Vinland. The generals are outraged, but when they present the case that colonization must be secondary to national defense, they are told to "build more ships then." Although they are weakened, the generals know they cannot wait for one Scottish tribe to unite and strengthen Scotland, a message is sent to England and the fleets are sent across the North Sea, to land early 1499. Meanwhile, in the main parliament, Finland is approved to be a full member, on the condition that it is split in two countries: Finland and Karelia, so Finland does not grow too big with its large area. The Finnish legislature agrees. Angry, the Swedes pass a resolution to also grant Iceland (formerly part of Denmark) full member status, which also passes. The three nations are added to the Second Treaty of Kalmar, ready to be signed in 1500. Tensions rise between Sweden and Denmark, but the situation is far from vital.
    • Vinland Republic': 1'50 men in an exploratory ship find an advanced settlement in the backwoods of Vinland, almost European in design. Fearing that they are Skraelings, they attack and kill the only 20 men inside.
    • Algorithm:
      • KU Exploratory Force: 3 (near colony) + 7 (Ethnic Agenda (as Skraeling are not human in Norse mythology)) + Other tech (neutralized as other side has the same)
      • "Skraelings": 5 (in colony) + 5 (political reason of keeping colony) + Other tech (neutralized as other side has the same)
      • Result: Equal. However, as I understand, as they are equal the side with more troops wins. 150 >20.
    • ​It is not until later that it is discovered that the "Skraeling" settlement was, in fact, the French settlement of Quebec. The second fastest ship that is repaired is sent back home to warn them of the accident. The KU settlers expand out of Newfoundland into the surrounding area, from OTL Labrador to OTL Maine as far west as the Great Lakes. There, they find a primitive tribe that call themselves the Iroquois (who were not attacked for fear of a similar blunder of the one above). An offer is made, that in return for maps of the continent, the KU would share advanced metalworking technologies, that the Iroquois have yet to discover.
  • France: Quebec and Patagonia continue to expand. And troops are sent to protect both colonies. The KU is asked to back off of Quebec. 120 settlers are sent to both colonies as well as 3 ships of the line each.


Mayan Empire: Continues to expand into Florida, reaching OTL St. Augustine . Research on Metal extraction is finished as is Research and development.

Russia: The first 'colony' is set up in South Florida. It consists of a series of 10-15 forts with around 120 people each, of whom at least 50 are soldiers. Another contact with Mayan villagers leads to the village being sacked by the Russians. Meanwhile, King Ivan IV of Russia dies in a hunting accident. His son, King Peter II is vehemently anti-Skraeling, and urges the Russians in Florida to sack and loot the Mayans. Many follow his instructions, but there is much dissent due to his excessively Draconian policies.

Mayan side of things in Normal Russian Bold







Alien Tech:



Other Tech:




Mayans: 14

Russians: 17

Hard Fought Russian Victory

Kalmar Union: KU forces land in Northern Scotland the same day English troops storm across the southern border. Despite epic battles in the highlands, the two armies meet in Edinburgh in late July. Rebels still ambush patrols in the northwest.

  • Algorithm:
    • KU Army: 3 (near nation) + 5 (Political Reason)
    • English Army: 3(on border) + 5 (Political Reason)
      • ​Total: 16
    • Scottish Clans: 5 (in country) + 10 (sake of country)
      • Total: 15

Unfortunately, the French ultimatum reaches King John before the news of the accidental attack. Infuriated, he tells France that Vinland has been Scandinavian property since the year 998, and that France must withdraw all colonies in the area immediately or face the consequences. He orders a new fleet of 100 frigates be built and so the shipyards of Copenhagen, Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stockholm, and Helsinki rush into action.

The legislature sends a secret message to the French king informing them that it is suspected that King John is slightly mad, and is willing to negotiate behind his back.

Vinland Republic: The first message from the homeland reaches Vinland with the enormous fleet send (being half of the KU navy). The rulers approve of the running of the Vinland Republic and will grant them nominal independence in exchange for good being sent home. A positive reply is sent back, along with 100 barrels of new Vinland Wine. Settlers spread across the north of OTL Canada and the US, with the re-enforcements encompassing all of OTL Quebec, Labrador, Maine and Vermont, with parts of Ontario and New England. However, not even a small percent of the colonists and goods from the vast fleet are unloaded, and so quick expansion is expected to continue. The French Ships of the Line coming in are not attacked, but are prevented from landing and are told to go back home until negotiations are complete.
What! that seems a bit quick! Also isn't that trampling all over the Iroquois? Limit it to Quebec, especially as you will have to defend it from France.David Rain (Sometimes...)
Remember that a full half of the navy was sent. About the Iroquois, it seems I was operating on my knowledge of the historical Iroquois boundaries rather than our fictional map. Regardless, I have something up my sleeve. Wait until next year and you will see that my (admittedly large) expansion has a big point and will be reduced to plausible levels. I'm trying to balance being a mod and a player, and I am about to give myself a negative event in the spirit of plausibility. JoeyB98

France: Quebec and Patagonia expand. French troops levels increase in both colonies as does the number of settlers to over 2,500 people in each colony with 1,600 troops in each. However, the troops brought their families with them, increasing the population of both colonies to about 5,000 each colony. 200 Frigates are stationed in Quebec with more on the way. Cannons are stationed around the city and its sister settlements. A massive fleet numbering 135 frigates begin bombarding KU ports while a massive army begins massing in France. A medium army lands in Ireland to secure the islands freedom. Money begins to be sent to the Scottish rebels as well as guns, cannons, ammunition, and 35 frigates. France continues to send troops to its base in Ireland, promising the Scots that French forces will help liberate the KU portion of their homeland.

Dude, sorry to rain on your parade, but your Quebec settlement is 30 miles in KU occupied territory and we didn't let your ships land. How are you supposed to expand and send troops to a colony 30 miles within a semi-hostile nation, that itself is rotting in the woods due to being uninhabited? BTW, if you sent that many people right now you would totally lose the Italian War. Please put something in your next post saying you are suggesting peace in that war or I will continue to history-troll all your posts. Thank you. JoeyB98

Oh, and, by the way, you don't HAVE 135 frigates. France probably didn't have 135 SHIPS. France's army at the time was second only in the world to the Holy Roman Empire. They had almost no navy, though. JoeyB98


Mayan Empire: Starts to research Metal Armour and Guns. Pulls out of Florida, but expands into South America, making rapid gains. the army is put on a ready position, watching for any encroachment

OK, dude, I'm not a mod but don't you think it's a little too soon? Well, not for metal armour but guns? Gunpowder ingredients don't occur in large quantities anywhere near the map Mayans...

Kalmar Union: The Second Treaty of Kalmar is signed with great celebration, though the Danish and Swedish representatives grumble. All is not good, though. With the French attack on the ports an emergency situation is called and the legislature is shut down. Shipyards producing civilian vessels are taken over by the military and so Rejyavik, Stavanger, Malmo, Uppsala, and Turku begin producing military vessels, and others are currently being converted. Ambassadors to the Holy Roman Empire, the Republic of Venice, the Kingdom of Naples, Spain, the Duchy of Milan, the Republic of Florence and the Papal States (all of whom are currently fighting France in the Second Italian War) to propose a formal alliance. England eagerly joins the fray, declaring war on France immediately (not trying to control other nations here, but we all know they totally would) while the divided Scottish clans, often fighting amongst themselves, are subjugated by the united armies.

Vinland Republic: Building up the colonies with the help of the unloaded navy ships, the repaired ships (almost 200 in number) engage the French fleet trying to land.
KU Fleet: 4 (next to territory (not homeland)) +3 (large navy) + 4 (defence of what the KU considers to be its territory for 500 years)
Total: 11
French Fleet: 2 (closest controlled territory is France) +2 (defender) +3 (large navy IF you are ignoring France's actual naval history) + 1 (retaking a short-lived fur-trading post)
Total: 8
Despite 11 Kalmar ships being sent to the depths of the Atlantic, the French fleet is decisively destroyed and Vinland is safe from French attack for now.
Meanwhile, explorers to the east come across a strange settlement in the middle of a huge flat area. Nothing they have ever seen before, it seems to be of unworldly nature. Terrified, the explorers run from what they know now to be Skraelings, but are followed by an Alien vehicle. Confused by the explorers terror, the UFO follows them for days, burning the eastern KU settlements in search of a test subject of the new whitish human species they have never seen before. They finally capture a man, a politician with ambitions to become Governor of East Vinland (OTL Ontario, Canada) and leave. In a month the Ku has lost hundreds of miles of land. The West has become a place of terror in the minds of the Vinlandians and so exploration to that area is cancelled. Ships continue to explore to the north, and a heavily escorted mail runner is sent back home to report the terrifying news...
You all should read nation pages. Here's mine. I put all sorts of useful stuff on it, like my attitudes towards other nations, the political situation in my country, what wars I am participating in and on whose side I am on...
French Diplomacy: France responds by saying the KU attacked French Quebec, it was only retaliation. France asks for a pre-war peace deal and that the Quebec issue be settled.
KU Diplomacy: KU reminds France that "French" Quebec was settled by citizens of the Kingdom of Norway in the year 998, and has been the property of Norway, and thus the KU, for 502 years now. France had no business there. Also, with the worlds most powerful army, the worlds most powerful navy, and the Catholic Church on the KU side, we would argue that France has no room to make demands.
Histogeographically, the area that the Vikings called "Vinland" is everything that they explored in the New World, meaning everything north of Newfoundland.
Russia: A quick rebellion throws Peter II out of power and replaces him with his more diplomatic brother, Ivan V. However, Peter's support is strong, so Ivan, rather than executing him or banishing him, spares his life and sends him to govern the Vinland provinces. Warns France that further hostilities will lead to Russia declaring war. Ivan quickly attempts to make peace with the Mayans, but Peter sabotages the plan, deliberately misunderstanding the Mayans such that he tells Ivan they are the aggressors.
  • Iroquois: The Iroquois continue to expand along the Great Lakes, looking for the aliens along the way, but the plan is to stop the expeditions next year. They also send emissaries to the Kalmar Union's colonies in the north, asking for a defensive pact, and in return we will give you trade routes through our territories.


Mayan Empire: Ajaw Ahk Kab II dies on the fourth of April and is replaced by his son, the 19th Ajaw of the Mayan Empire, Sky Xul the IX. Continued expansion into South America brings contact with the Cambeba. Research continues into both Metal armour and Guns, proceeding fast due to numerous Russian examples gained during the fighting last year. The Aztec, Cambeba and Inca are asked for an alliance. Would somebody do three's please.


Aztec empire denies based on historical wars with the Maya. Cambeba agree heartily, saying that they are also trying to build up a small navy. Incans cannot be reached due to extreme mountains and swamps in Panama and Colombia.

One out of three is pretty bad, so here's your evidence:


Speaking of (or your imagination, whichever is more plausible) the KU is still looking for a reply from our co-belligerents with France, the League of Venice. We asked for official membership of the League. Please decide for me.

It's a Yes. I used the the first generator, once for each ally on the KU page. 5/8 were over 50. David Rain (Sometimes...)

Anyone know how to do spoiler tabs on this site?

Anyway, back to the game:

Kalmar Union: The first of the frigates of the great fleet are completed. 20 ships roll out of the shipyards and form a tight blockade of the English Channel, sinking any and all French vessels. Secret messages are sent to the members of the Venice League, detailing attack plans that could crush French defences if executed properly. A new army, mostly of Finnish and Karelian volunteers, is raised, and so 4000 men begin loading onto troop transports. A message is sent to France saying peace is still possible. However, no one expects France to reply in kind. Inside the country, local militias are set up and trained. The goal of these home-trainings is so that every man in the country can fight any invading army as well as soldiers within three years. A request is sent to Russia, asking for support in the war against France.

Vinland Republic: Promises it will accept the Iroquois deal on the original condition that maps of the continent be provided to the KU. Exploratory ships reach north and south, colonizing northern islands until it is no longer habitable and building up the existing ones. In the south, they find the Maya-Russia war going on in full. By an interesting coincidence, the commanding officer of this expedition was one of the explorers to find the mysterious settlement to the east. In what might be one of the bravest maneuvers in military history, he and his men run into the middle of a raging battle, holding the KU flag and a white flag high. Seeing the flag, the Russians and Mayans confusedly cease fire to look at the new group. An interpreter familiar with the Iroquois language is sent to talk to the Mayans, while the commanding officer goes himself to speak with the Russians. He explains to them that the Mayans are not, in fact, Skraelings, and that the true danger lies inland. The devil himself lives in these lands, he claims, and if we men fight amongst ourselves here, we are sure to perish! The man who goes to the Mayan commander tells a similar story, but the Mayans, who by now know of the existence of the aliens, tell him it is futile to try to fight. ('Russia, Maya, if this is not what your commanders would have said, tell me. I'm flying blind.) He says he will reconvene with his commanders and the Russians, and if a peace can be arranged. the KU will provide the Maya with detailed examples of metal armor and firearms, in return for free passage of troops and maps of the continent. Warning them of the danger of disease, he gives them now the knowledge of how to inoculate people against smallpox and measles. ('Really?. Please present evidence. David Rain (Sometimes...))
What do you mean by "evidence"? They'd be wearing the stuff. JoeyB98
Reconvening, the group camps in the middle of the two armies to prevent further conflict in this area.
The Maya don't know Iroquois. However It would be enough to stop fighting, retreat and then come back baring chests with the aforementioned items. Sign language would work.

Alien Captive: The abducted politician wakes up in an small room. Electronic probes quickly and painlessly cut open the top of his skull and remove the brain. Moved to a stasis container, the computers analyse and record his memories. Although a human brain will take a long time to record completely, the aliens wish to learn more about the culture and technology of these whitish humans who apparently came from the large, sparsely populated continent on the other side of the planet. It is found that the whitish humans are currently more advanced than the reddish humans, but are not as philosophically developed. They fight continually for petty things like land . Intrigued, an aircraft is sent to the east to explore, first to the very settlement where this particular politician was captured...

Remember: no expansion. But good.
No expansion? What does that mean? Does that mean I can't burn down any more of my forts? JoeyB98
The aliens can make no territorial expansion, but perhaps raids if you annoy them. On another note I meant evidence of European knowledge of inoculation. Sounds a bit far fetched.
Inoculation, NOT vaccination. Look it up.
Russia: Ivan, having heard of the KU's message, is furious when Peter ignores his command and sends 10,000 men under his son to replace Peter and bring him back to Russia, but Peter escapes and goes deep inland with 1,000 men. Peace is made with the Mayans (Who don't, by the way, understand Iroquois...).

​Iroquois: The Iroquois are very happy with the answer from the Vinland Republic. They accept the offer from them and would be very happy if they would trade some guns for some beads and baskets. They stop their expansion along the Great Lakes this year and develop the newly founded settlements.


Maya: Are pleased with the peace. With help metal armour constructed and spreading fast. As firearms are more complex they are less common. A specialist unit the E'hoch'e'en K'ak Hix (Dark Fire Jaguar's) is set up with the cutting edge technology. We once again warn the foreigners of the Xtaabay (Daemons) that live in the north-west. We ask for an alliance with the Aztecs, citing the need for new beginnings in these troubled times, whilst another runner is sent to the Inca, in hope of reaching them. With Cambeba knowledge cities in Nohol Kab (south America, lit. South World) are expanded. We offer Peter an alliance, with military aid and knowledge of the land.

Kalmar Union: The Union is pleased with its acceptance into the League, and pledges support to the beleaguered Italian states. KU, Holy Roman, Spanish, and Venetian generals will be meeting in Rome to create an overarching battle plan. Meanwhile, another round of 25 ships are completed, and with nominal English support, an invasion force lands in French-occupied Ireland.

KU: 3 (near country) +5 (political reason)
England: 3 (near country) +5 (political reason)
France: 5 (near country) +5 (political reason)
16 >10

KU and English troops make a successful landing north of Dublin, and capture the city. Many Irish consider them liberators, though French troops and some Irish supporters retreat into the countryside.

Meanwhile, in Milan, a small force of KU troops join the Florentines and Venetians in liberating the duchy from French control.

KU: 3 (country nearby) + 5 (backing up an ally)
Florence: 3 (country nearby) + 5 (backing up a close ally)
Venice: 3 (country nearby) + 5 (backing up a close ally)
Milan: 9 (capital city) + 10 (liberation of conquered country)
France: 7 (French-controlled city) + 5 (hope to control Italy)
43 > 13
In a crushing victory for the united Italians, France is driven out of Milan, which is returned to its rightful owner. After this battle, KU troops who fought with great courage were awarded small relics by the Pope to return to their home village in Scandinavia. Grateful for this gesture, the KU grew closer to the Catholic Church.

Vinland Republic: Guns, armor and horses are provided to the Mayans and Iroquois. Thanks to the maps, a plan is devised for a small sugar colony in the Caribbean (Which islands are not currently occupied by the Maya?) Three ships are loaded with supplies and told to go find a good location.
Further east, the alien aircraft landed in the small settlement of Nieuw Orkanger (OTL Thunder Bay, Canada). Greeted by a crowd headed by 25 soldiers, the craft landed just outside the settlement. A robotic explorer droid walks out to speak to the colonists. Scrolling through a dozen languages known by the robot, a common one is found in the Iroquois language. Although tensions are high because of the magical appearance the ship has to the colonists, a conversation began in which the KU settlers explained their origins from across the ocean. The aliens provide no information about their origins and return, but remark that as they do not have enough fuel to visit Europe currently (it is being used in a secret project) they would appreciate objects of European origin for study. Still terrified by the thing, the colonists immediately lay out their European imports for the aliens to take. The robot picks up and brings inside the space ship a Bible, some pots and pans, a musket, a flag, and a traditional Norwegian quilt. After the robot is safely inside the ship, a loudspeaker thanks the colonists for their cooperation and informs them that if they are needed, they will be called upon. As the aircraft flies off the village dispatches a man on horseback to the VR headquarters in L' Anse Aux Meadows to tell them the news...
Mayan response: We would respectfully request that you think not of colonising the Lak'in lu'um (Caribbean). Whilst there are a few islands not inhabited by Mayans, We consider the Lak'in lu'um to be Mayan sovereign territory, it having been settled, at least in part for around 800 years. It's like us asking for Iceland. Sorry.
Iroquois: The Iroquois send scouts further north through the Vinland Republic's territory and trade with the northern natives, gaining many things such as weapons like daggers and tools such as axes and skinning knives.
Pay attention to other people's posts. That settlement has been unoccupied for three years. The KU are the only people up there.
Russia: With the ensuing war below in Europe, Russia itself is plunged into civil war as Peter II fights Ivan IV's son in Florida. Meanwhile, Ivan sends another 10,000 men to aid his son, who is fighting against Peter with 10,000 men. Peter has 7,000 having recruited from the countryside, but the new men make a difference and Peter is defeated and loses one eye to an arrow and his right arm below the elbow to a sword. Along with 50 men he flees deep into Mayan territory, pillaging villages to survive. Russia asks the Mayans for permission to hunt him down and kill him. One of Peter's men, captured, tells a story he heard from the Mayans about strange creatures living in the center of Vinland. Ivan's son authorizes an expedition of 200 men to discover them. By now the Russians control Northern Florida and most of Georgia. A second 'colony' is established on an island called Manahatta by the Natives. It is twisted into Munhata by the Russians. Research is started into 'Modern' Warships.


Mayan Empire: Permission granted. He does not deserve the right to be sacrificed.
Russia: Sends 500 men into Mayan territory, captures Peter, and executes him. Sends several priests into Maya to convert locals, with success, many villages becoming Christian. Munhata grows a lot. Offers an alliance to the Iroquois and Maya.
Kalmar Union: Having driven France out of Italy and Ireland, the League of Venice holds a conference on how to create a large offensive to end the war. The first order of the day is to capture the land east of English-controlled Calais, so supplies can be fed through that port. A huge Holy Roman army backed up by 5000 Danish musketmen attack the city of Bruge. A small English army comes from behind to support.
KU: 2 (same sea) + 5 (backing up an ally)
HRE: 3 (nearby) + 5 (backing up an ally)
England: 2 (same sea) + 5 (backing up an ally)
France: 7 (major city) + 10 (backing up an ally)
With a barrage of bullets and cannon fire, the surrounded city falls to the assault. Troops and supplies begin pouring into Calais, and the armies continue into France, bypassing hamlets and bee-lining to the nearest city: Paris. Meanwhile, a scientist in Stockholm believes it may be possible to make a ship completely out of metal, making it impervious to cannonballs. The potential of this idea is recognized immediately and research is begun just as fast.
Vinland Republic: Now knowing exactly what is out there, settlers continue moving west. Wagons full of artifacts from swords to tapestries are brought to the aliens, pleasing them greatly. By the end of the year, the KU settlements border the alien ones directly. With a continuous road leading from L' Anse Aux Meadows to the alien settlement, goods are processed more quickly. The ships sent to colonize a "Spice Island" comes across an uninhabited large island with the help of the Mayan Maps. Landing in "New Iceland" (OTL Puerto Rico) the hardy pioneers begin planting spices for export home. Various goods and technology are delivered to the Mayans and Iroquois. Both groups are taught how to identify strong metals for armor and gunsmithing, but both are given a much more important gift: an old smallpox-infected corpse. Stick with me here. I'm about to do science. Inoculation was an old European technique in which you would deliberately expose yourself to weakened germs of the disease you wish to be immune to. In theory, your immune system easily defeats these weak germs and becomes immune. In practice, this was much more dangerous than the new system of vaccination, which is used today. 15% of those inoculated still died of the weakened sickness, more in virgin-soil territory. It is still a better alternative to what happened to the natives in OTL, in which 95% of the population died of disease in the first ten years of European contact. Better move quickly.

France:France asks for pre-war borders and an end to the war. France offers troops to help end the war if it can keep its pre-war borders.

League of Venice: Offers the following counter-proposal based on historical precedent:
1. France cedes all claims to the following:
a. All land belonging to either the Duchy of Milan or the Kingdom of Naples;
b. The Colony of Quebec
2. A series of neutral buffer states will be set up between the HRE and France, borrowing territory from both, including:
a. Kingdom of the Netherlands (OTL Netherlands + Belgium)
b. Kingdom of Burgundy (OTL Western Switzerland, parts of France and Germany
c. Kingdom of Lorraine (OTL Alsace, Lorraine, and Luxembourg.
3. The following land shall be ceded/reserved to France:
a. All land south of Camebaba territory,
b. Colonies in the Lesser Antilles,
c. Any land it can grab between the Russian colonies and the Iroquois nation.
4. France shall become part of the League, which will be renamed to the League of Europe.
a. Every year, delegates from each country will send representatives to Venice, where they will discuss issues relevant to all nations, and peacekeeping forced will be sent around the world
b. An attack on one is an attack on all. No Exceptions.
Here is the new map of Europe by this treaty. Blue signifies LoE members.
Russia Dip: Would like to point out that part of the territory shown belongs to Russia. All the land east of the southern tip of KU Scandinavia belongs to Russia. Also, 'All the land between Russian colonies and the Iroquois nation' doesn't mean attacking either, right?
1. Pretty close. I did this from memory. In fact, this map is closer to the real thing than the "official" map. I need to make a better one...
2. No.

No, you see that part sticking over the rest like a finger pointing east? That is Russia's.

No it is the Kola Peninsula, that Russia gave to the Kalmar Union in 1496 in return for Rights of Access in all Danish ports. David Rain (Sometimes...) (talk)
Along with Karelia, in fact. Look at a map. The above map is very, very close. JoeyB98 (talk)



Mayan Empire: Begins a program of mass inoculation. Accepts the Russian offer on the condition that they withdraw the missionaries, and vow not to colonise the Lak'in lu'um (Caribbean). Research is started on Atlantic travel. Ajaw Sky Xul sires a son, named Yoaat Chitam K'inich.

MOD EVENT: The bodies used for inoculation spread the disease. The immune Mayans are not hit hard, but the nearby Aztec empire loses 90% of its population. The country breaks into civil war and armies disband. Now would be a perfect time for any foreign power to seize control.

Russia: Vows not to colonize the Lak'in - Caribbean. However, says the missionaries are not part of the Russian Government and so cannot be ordered to return. Ivan orders further Eastern Expansion, beyond the Urals, and to their surprise, arable plains are discovered. As a result, settlers flock there. Research on Modern Battle ships complete, Russia immediately starts building ships at a large rate so they can be a world power.

Munhata: Attacks from the local Algonquin minitribe anger the Russians who immediately send 300 men to combat them (in the Bronx). They come across a 50 man hunting party and kill them all, then proceed to a nearby village and burn it in a show of force. Meanwhile, Munhata is fully colonized.
Ivanland: Expands slowly. Now controls all non Mayan Florida, All Georgia, and part of Alabama.

Kalmar Union: Due to the cease-fire while France reviews the treaty, many say the legislature should be reinstated. However, the now-mad King John refuses to do so. A peaceful revolt leads to a massacre in front of the royal palace in Copenhagen. The country descends into civil war when Sweden declares that King John can no longer lead the people, and claims that from now on, the nation will be led exclusively by the legislature. Although this is a radical idea, many think this view will be a better idea, and so the country splits into two factions: the Monarchists, in Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and the European colonies, and the Republicans, in Sweden, Finland, and Karelia. The Republicans reform their government. The majority of power now lies in the hands of the legislature, though a "President" is elected directly by the people to lead the country. Aristocratic descent makes no difference in this new system, being a capitalist meritocracy. Needless to say, the other kingdoms in Europe see this as an extremely dangerous idea, though the republics in Italy support it. The League of Venice is strained to the breaking point, with England, Spain, Naples, the HRE, and the Papal States supporting the Monarchists, and Milan, Florence and Venice supporting the Republicans. Despite this, the treaty to France still stands.

Vinland Republic: Upon getting news of the Civil War, the VR decides it is in its best interests to support the Republicans. All seaworthy military vessels are sent to attack Monarchist ports. Colonists continue to spread west, giving the aliens gifts to tide them over. Most importantly, in L'Anse Aux Meadows, a declaration is signed that claims Vinland's independence from Monarchist Kalmar, otherwise known as the Kingdom of Denmark-Norway. The significance of this is that if the Monarchists win the war, the Republicans still have a free country to flee to.
Vinland is a free country, but I claim rights to continue playing as them. I will update the nation pages accordingly.

Iroquois: The Iroquois establish a tribal monarchy where a king or chief rules over a court. They here about the Civil War and support the republican side, thinking about helping their long term friend the Vinland Republic. They continue to trade with the northern natives and the Vinland Republic, modernizing the new military with the guns, armor, and horses that they have received. The new name of the Iroquois nation is the Haudenosaunee Empire.



League of Europe: Tired of waiting, the HRE's massive army marches into Paris and forces the French king to sign the treaty, which shall be known as the Treaty of Bruge. All League of Europe members are now not at war with France. In the north, however, the Kalmar civil war rages on, and the war spreads into Europe. The LoE is temporarily no more, as the Kalmar Civil War becomes simply the Civil War as it engulfs Europe. Venice, Florence, and Milan, recognizing that none of them can defeat the Monarchists alone, form a new Republic of Italy, with its capitol in Venice. The united armies invade the Papal States, and, due to the latter having no formal army, quickly capture Rome and most of central Italy. The Papacy is proclaimed to be a dead office, and the Catholic Church's influence decreases. The Italian armies now invade the Kingdom of Naples, and war rages across the peninsula.

Sorry, I was gone for a day. I accepted the treaty's terms.

Denmark-Norway: Emboldened by European support, the Monarchist armies make a daring attack into Swedish territory. However, ships still in the Danish straits loyal to the Republicans attack the invasion force and stop it from landing. An army from Norway makes it as far as the town of Karlstad in Sweden, but is repelled by a smaller force of Karelian volunteers.

Republic of Kalmar: Knowing that the Monarchists have the numerical advantage, Republican forces focus on mobility and training. Finnish and Karelian militias assemble in special "ski battalions" that ambush Monarchists in the mountains of eastern Scandinavia. Also, Republican scientists finish the "steel boat" idea started in the Italian War and use it to great effect.

Note: To save time, I will not be using the algorithm for this war, as I am controlling both sides.

Republic of Vinland: The invasion goes off without a hitch and soon Iceland is in RoV hands. A ship is sent to the Republican port of Bjornevatn telling them that the RoV is on their side. Expansion continues to the west, and the settlers are shocked when they see another ocean! The continent did not keep going! New people headed north, but many had hoped believe that it went on forever. The RoV knew it needed to know what was on the other side, and, looking at the Mayan maps, decide that the lake in OTL Nicaragua would be an easy place to build a canal. The following proposal is sent to the Mayan Empire:

1. Lake Nicaragua and the land directly to the east and west will be given to the RoV to build a canal.
2. When the canal is built, Mayans will still be able to cross the bridges and use the canal without visas or identification.
3. However, the small area will remain RoV territory.
.... You do not have that kind of tech. How do you expect to dredge Lake Nicaragua? Also that is a massive piece of land, the Mayans are not crazy. America had trouble with it OTL and that was 400 years after.
If you're gonna history-troll me, do some research first. Nicaragua is flat. Due to political issues there, the US had to dig through Panama, which is a mountain. The Panama Canal goes through a mountain. Nicaragua was their first choice, but the Nicaraguan government wouldn't allow them. All this would take is a couple thousand guys with axes and shovels. Also, that is not a massive piece of land... Let me show you that on a larger scale...
If you still think that's too big, I'll trade you Puerto Rico for it. This will take years, but it could be done. (Especially with the help of a little alien technology...) JoeyB98 (talk)
  • In OTL, the first attempt to build a canal across Central America was undertaken by the Spanish Empire in 1534. This was abandoned due to African tropical diseases, brought over in slave ships, that thrived in the equatorial climate.
  • The Panama Canal was built by drilling through a mountain. To construct the canal, French and later US engineers needed large equipment to drill through a mountain range.
  • In Nicaragua, there are no less than three rivers that go most of the way to the lake already. These are:
    • Rio Escondito
    • Rio Punta Gorda
    • San Juan de Nicaragua River
Thusly, the Nicaragua Canal is not only feasible, it would have been easier than Panama, and would have been built had Nicaragua not been in civil war at that time. JoeyB98 (talk)
Joey, it doesn't matter how many rivers low to the canal. The bloody point is that either your canal is going to be to bloody shallow or it will flood, capisce? Look up the designs for the canal, there are a series of 'locks' that prevent either of those. You need to be able to open and shut said locks. Without serious mechanical work, that won't help. Plus, Joey, YOU'RE IN A CIVIL WAR! You do not have the resources. As for the ROV, that is even worse.

'​'Haudenosaunee Empire: The Haudenosaunee Empire asks for some boats from the Vinland Republic to send troops across the ocean to attack Denmark-Norway. They also slightly change the government by making two parties called, the Iroquois and Haudenosaunee parties. They also make a Haudenosaunee language by combining all the current language of the Haudenosaunee people.

OK, first off, you need mechanical locks in the area, or else it will be too shallow in the low tide, and would flood in the high tide. So your plan is to divert some 1000 men from the work of surviving to operate this? In a colony with like maybe 1500 people? the KU isn't very big, first off. And the VR will be even smaller. Guns (talk) 18:05, July 7, 2012 (UTC)
Listen to me: Nicaragua is flat. Flat. That means I don't need locks. Secondly. I am currently getting hold of the land. Not beginning to dig the canal. Waiting until the end of the war. Thirdly, the KU was a nation of three million people at the beginning of this game. Being a maritime nation, they had a fairly large navy, consisting of about 20,000 sailors. Half the navy was sent as colonizers in the late 1400s. That means the population of the RoV is more than 10,000: As you say, not enough to build the canal. However, at the end of the war, there will be many countries that would also benefit from a canal (Venice, Russia, England - any seafaring nation, basically) and so will most likely be willing to contribute in exchange for free passage. (Most thought that Africa connected to South America at that time. This would mean that this canal would be the only way to the Pacific, and thusly to China). In conclusion, if you want to challenge the idea that I can dig a big hole in the ground over a couple of years in the same game that aliens land on earth and give the Native Americans super-advanced technology, go ahead. I have the facts. Here are some for you:
Joey, I understand that it is flat. You still need locks, because there still are tides, capisce? Plus, this is not a big hole in the ground. This needs to be finely measured, reinforced- one landslide and you'd have to work on the canal for five more years to fix it. You don't exactly have concrete or cement back then. Also, Joey, you're in a civil war, you don't have the men to start building a canal now. I know that the ROV isn't part of the KU, but it is still fighting in that civil war. Finally, you'd need some 30,000 workers working for ten years. Ten summers in a tropical country. Yellow fever, Dengue, Malaria, etc, will spread literally like the plague. you'll lose at least 10,000 workers. I'd like to point out that most of those people would be from Russia, the HRE, etc. And they won't be happy with YOU owning the locks, despite that you would only be able to contribute say, 5,000 men (and that is farfetched as it is). They wouldn't agree to send men unless they got it.
The Suez doesn't have locks. It is literally an artificial river, or, as we would say, "a big hole in the ground". There are rivers that go most of the way - only about one-quarter of the actual distance would have to be dug. The diseases you have mentioned are African diseases brought over by slaves with the exception of Dengue, whose first recorded cases occurred in 1779. As for the last bit - a simple compromise of "RoV Administration but not RoV territory" would work nicely.JoeyB98 (talk)
Right... of all the nations here, the RoV is probably the weakest. Russia, HRE, etc, won't even pay attention to you. Even assuming you built the canal, it sure as hell isn't going to be under RoV supervision. More likely Russian or Mayan- both are far stronger than you.
The Suez is not bordered by open ocean. Whatever, anyway. The game has gotten boring and kinda implausible, since there are just four players, and some eight countries- most which are run by one person. I resign.

France: France agrees to the terms of the treaty, and thanks the other nations for being so fair about it. France establishes a colony in OTL Virginia with most of the people from old Quebec, it is called Virginia. France sends a delegate to Venice.

Mayan Empire: Refuses to give the land away, but will build the canal in exchange for maps of this so-called 'China'. The Ajaw thinks this 'Republicanism' is dangerous, and is on the point of declaring war on the RoV when a tree crushes his head wife, killing her. Taking this as a sign from the gods he instead promises his aid. Research on Atlantic travel continues.

RoV Diplomacy: No one has maps of China. That's why we're trying to get there. Also, we would say that your decision is quite wise. We have given you smallpox inoculations but we also have measles, influenza, and plague that we'd be very happy to share in... larger doses.
Russia: A fleet sails from Murmansk eastward, intending to land in Kamchatka but instead of landing there it goes too far south in a storm and lands in China (note, I am not saying that I control Kamchatka). There, they find merchants ready to trade spices and other goods, which they take for a huge profit.
You don't own Murmansk.
Whatever, I resign.

Methinks it's dead

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