The Columbine High School Massacre occurred in April 20th, 1999. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold has successfully bombed their school, AND got away with it. It was a Complete Terrorist Success.

Waking Up

Eric and Dylan were ready to attack their school, they decided to cover their tracks, to prevent the police from finding out any evidence that they would attack their school.

The Forest Fire

Eric and Dylan had started a forest fire with some gasoline and some dead trees. This strained the Fire Department to a huge degree, spending most of their time in the forest.

Late to School

Brooks Brown was surprised to see that Eric and Dylan were late to class, because Eric cared about his grades. Eric and Dylan led Brown far away from people, and they killed him, to prevent him from calling the police. They bring their bombs into their school, and they plant them, nobody saw them planting the bombs, and the cameras tapes were being switched at the moment. Eric and Dylan walk into the parking lot, with gloves on, Dylan rigs a car bomb onto an unknown person's car, to disorient the police.

The attack

Eric and Dylan waited, as the School exploded, with more than half of the students dying in the explosion, with another quarter, dying from gunfire.

Police Intervention

The Emergency services were contacted, but it was at a bad moment, there was to much traffic to send a SWAT team via a Van, so they had to send Helicopters.

The Escape

Eric and Dylan decide to high-tail out of CHS, before the Helicopters could see who's there. Eric and Dylan run to their suburban area, avoiding the police completely. They end up achieving status-quo, not a bit of evidence that they started the attack, and it's a failed day in history for the Colorado Police Department

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