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Columbia County Community College

Columbia County Community College was formed in 2010 from the original Luzerne County Community College. When starting there were 37 students and 6 professors. Since then it has grown, and although it is still classified as a college, it offers a variety of courses.


  • Automotive Technician (1 year Certificate)
  • Aviation Professional Pilot (2 year Associates)
  • Aviation Technician (2 year Associates)
  • Criminal Justice (2 year Associates)
  • Dental Practice (2 year Associates)
  • Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning Technology (1 year Certificate, 2 year Associates)
  • Pre-Optometry (2 year Associates)
  • Pre-Pharmacy (2 year Associates)
  • Psychology (2 year Associates)
  • Respiration Therapy (2 year Associates)
  • Surgical Technology (2 year Associates)

Students, Faculty, and Facilities

There are 293 students attending Luzerne in 2014. Most are part time students, but all live off campus as there is no housing at this time. Some rent homes nearby or share rooms. Staffing consists of 28 full time members, 36 part time workers, and one security guard.

Classes are held in buildings of the former Luzerne County Community College. The college has expanded over the past few years to cover several buildings and homes.


Columbia has several different sports teams and intramural leagues. The mascot is Blazer, the Trailblazer Horse.

The team's are part of the Susquehanna Interscholastic Athletic Association. They regularly play Bloomsburg and Hazleton.

Collegiate Level:

  • Baseball (Men's)
  • Basketball (Men's)
  • Basketball (Women's)
  • Cross Country (Men's)
  • Cross Country (Women's)
  • Football (Men's)
  • Lacrosse (Women's)
  • Track and Field (Men's)
  • Track and Field (Women's)
  • Softball (Women's)


  • Flag Football
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball

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