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Columbia County
— Subdivision of Commonwealth of Susquehanna
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday
Columbia County Flag Seal of Columbia County Pennsylvania
Flag Coat of Arms
Susquehanna Counties Political Map
Columbia County in Yellow

Birthplace of the Commonwealth of Susquehanna (English, Pennsylvania Dutch)

(and largest city)
Other cities Catawissa, Millville, Centralia
Language English, Pennsylvania Dutch
County Commissioner David M. Kovach
Lt. County Commissioner
Area 485.61 sq mi
Population 11,749 (2015 est) 
Admission September 12, 2005

Columbia is one of the counties in the nation of the Commonwealth of Susquehanna. It hosts the capital of the nation, and is a major industrial hub.


The county was formed from parts of Northumberland County on March 22nd, 1813. It was named after Columbia, the poetic name given to the United States at the time, which alluded to Christopher Columbus. It was part of the Bloomsburg-Berwick, PA Metropolitan Statistical Area, and the larger Bloomsburg-Berwick-Sunbury, PA Combined Statistical Area.

At the last census in 1980, the population stood at 61,967; and it was higher in 1983 at the time that Doomsday occurred, although like the rest of the nation, the population plummeted.


The entire area was shocked about the news of the nuclear war, and many fled. There was no strike on any part of Columbia County, although there were fears in Berwick over a conventional strike against the nearby nuclear power plant.

Adjacent Counties


The county is led by an elected County Commissioner, as well as a eight man Board of Supervisors, who each serve a term of six years. Commissioners serve for four years, and elections for the Board of Supervisors is staggered every two years. They are responsible for managing the sheriff department, the county coroner, the libraries, and select a member for the Columbia-Montour Transit Services with Montour County, and Bloomsburg's town council.

The county court is responsible for smaller cases such as custody disputes and other issues. One judge is responsible for signing marriage certificates for the county as well as divorce papers. He is given an assistant to aid him with this work. There are three judges and assistants, and they are typically assisted by local lawyers and occasionally justices from the Supreme Court.

The sheriff is the law enforcement for arresting individuals that commit crimes in communities without local police. They are also responsible for aiding the State Police with investigation, registering cars and horse and buggies, and an assortment of other duties. There is one sheriff, and 12 deputies employed by the county.

Columbia County receives two Senators and six Representatives in the General Assembly.

Federal Government

Party Senate seats House of Representatives seats
Republican Party
1 / 2
5 / 6
Democratic Party
1 / 2
1 / 6
Libertarian Party
0 / 2
0 / 6
Conservative Party
0 / 2
0 / 6
Progressive Party
0 / 2
0 / 6

County Government

Party Board of Supervisors
Republican Party
4 / 6
Democratic Party
1 / 6
Libertarian Party
0 / 6
Conservative Party
1 / 6
Progressive Party
0 / 6


  • Boroughs: Population (2015)
    • Benton: 128
    • Berwick: 2,197
    • Briar Creek: 215
    • Catawissa: 967
    • Centralia: 304
    • Millville: 613
    • Orangeville: 128
    • Stillwater: 92
  • Townships: Population (2015)
    • Beaver Township: 147
    • Benton Township: 243
    • Briar Creek Township: 286
    • Catawissa Township: 494
    • Cleveland Township: 231
    • Conyngham Township: 134
    • Fishing Creek Township: 268
    • Franklin Township: 271
    • Greenwood Township: 160
    • Hemlock Township: 359
    • Jackson Township: 108
    • Locust Township: 214
    • Madison Township: 241
    • Main Township: 318
    • Mifflin Township: 264
    • Montour Township: 856
    • Mount Pleasant Township: 527
    • North Centre Township: 195
    • Orange Township: 137
    • Pine Township: 174
    • Roaring Creek Township: 219
    • Scott Township: 724
    • South Centre Township: 423
    • Sugarloaf Township: 112


Like Susquehanna in general, much of the economy is agrarian in nature with major crops being fruit, corn, and wheat. The Red Deer Farm and Krum's Orchard are important agriculture based companies. There is some coal mining in the southern parts, as well as some light manufacturing in Berwick.

The government provides many jobs to the people and Columbia County Community College. They are important employers, with hundreds relying on them for a paycheck. Wise Foods and Catawissa Bottling Company employ many in production and packaging the products.

Overall most of its economy is agrarian with some minor light manufacturing. A majority of the population works in the fields.


Columbia County is covered by four school districts as well as Montour-Columbia Vocational Technical School. Bloomsburg University is based in Bloomsburg, and is the largest university in the nation. Columbia County Community College is based in Berwick as well.

National Register of Historical Places

There are twenty nine registered places in Columbia County. All but two (Bloomsburg Historical District, and Catawissa Friends Meetinghouse) are covered bridges, kept intact for transportation following Doomsday.