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Governorate of Columbia
Колумбийская губерния

Governorate of Alaska
Timeline: Russian America

OTL equivalent: Portions of British Columbia and Washington.
Flag of Columbia (Russian America)
Flag of Columbia
Location of Columbia (Russian America)
Location of Columbia
Capital Burlington
Largest city New Westminster
Other cities Duwamps, Vankuvergrad
English and Russian (de facto)
  others Chinese, German, Ukrainian
  others Eastern Orthodox, Jews
Ethnic groups
English and Russians
  others Chinese, Germans, Ukrainians
Demonym Columbian
Governor Ivan Kasich (VZ)
Area 247,297 km²
(217,296 кв. в.
Population 8,138,643 (2007 Census) 
Admission July 20, 1931
Time zone PST (UTC-8)
  summer PDT (UTC-7)
Abbreviations AK-KO, Col., Кол.

The Governorate of Columbia (Russian: Колумбийская губерния, Kolumbiyskaya guberniya), commonly known as Columbia (Колумбия, Kolumbiya), is a governorate of the Alaskan Democratic Federative Republic. Columbia is the second most populated governorate of Alaska, with the capital largest city (New Westminster) being the second-largest city in Alaska. Much of the governorate is dominated by Alaskans of English descent.

Modern day Columbia wouldn't be explored by Europeans until the late 18th Century, at which time the whole of the Pacific Northwest was claimed by Great Britain, Russia, and Spain. Britain would retain full control over Columbia until the Columbia Purchase of 1872, at which time the Russian Empire controlled the region. After the Russian Revolution, Columbians played a key role in the Doug War (leading to the independence of the Commonwealth of Columbia). Columbia would join modern day Alaska in 1934, with the contemporary boundaries being formalized during the 1940s.


Columbia gains its name from the Columbia River (which makes up a large portions of its borders). Despite common misconceptions, the river was named after the Columbia Rediviva (a privately-owned American fur ship).

In Russian, an archaic name for the region was Zakolumbie (Заколумбье, Zakolumb'ye), which literally means "Trans-Columbia" in Russian, and is in reference to the land being beyond the Columbia River (in respects to the southern oblasts of Russia at the time).


Columbia's population is dominated by those of British descent (Dougs), with over 50% of the population identifying themselves as such. Unlike neighboring Vancouver Island, the majority of Columbians speak Russian as their first language (about 75%), but with English being a major second language within the governorate.

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