For more than three centuries, what would have become the United States and Canada has been the North American Union, a territory encompassing the northern portion of the continent excepting Alaska, retained under the rule of Russia. This is an integral part of the British Empire as a result of an agreement between the Colonists and the Crown, that changed the course of history!



This alternate history diverges greatly from our reality therefore having three main PODs. These are the PODs:

  1. 1704: After France's decisive victory at the Battle of Blenheim, the Grand Alliance downfall after the seizure of Vienna and Habsburg Monarchy collapse. Although the war continues for the next seven years with several victories by Great Britain, a peace agreement finally ended the war with the Two Crowns gaining a favorable peace settlement. Philip V becomes king of France and Spain, establishing hegemony over Western Europe.
  1. 1774A reform William Pitt's plan is proposed to the Colonial Assemblies and to the British Board of Trade in London. It would permit Parliament to regulate imperial trade with the colonies, and send troops to be quartered there. It called for a general government to be administered by a President General, to be appointed and supported by the Crown, and a Grand Council to be chosen by the representatives of the colonial assemblies. Furthermore, the plan proposed that only the colonial legislatures would have the power to levy taxes, is later passed by Parliament. A year later, along with the now famous Two Georges Meeting, it is officially adopted and the colonial crisis is averted.
  1. 1825: Decembrist Revolt is successful after Nicholas l is abducted from the throne, and is replaced by his brother Constantine. After a power struggle and a civil war on the horizon, Pavel Pestel proposed the Decembrist Manifesto which will immediately emancipate the Russian serfs with their land, limitations of the right to land ownership, creation of public and private land funds, elimination of class privileges, concession of political rights to males over 20 years of age and transform Russia into a constitutional monarchy.

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