In the year 1911 Roald Amudsen reached the South Pole. Shortly after, in the year 1913, Vinson Massif erupted. Instead of releasing CO2, as it would OTL, it releases helium gas. Scientists quickly confirm that the helium gas is buried under all areas of the continent. The race for Antarctica is on.

Year: 1914

WW-I breaks out in Europe. Norway, bitter at Britain, sides with Germany. The axis uses the helium to make high-effectivity rifles. The axis invades Sweden, Denmark, and the Orkney islands. Norway militarizes Ellsworth Land in Antarctica, to increase helium drilling.

Year: 1915

The axis invades the Shetland Islands, the Low Countries, Switzerland and Persia. Norway expands in Antarctica and Britain begins its first Antarctic Colony, Queen Maud Land. American scientists begin researching possible uses for the new gas.


The Axis has conquered most of Europe, including Italy, Spain and Portugal. America helps Britain take back their islands. France is struggling on the mainland. Argentina begins an Antarctic Colony in Palmer Land. The British sell their colony to the Americans. America and Norway simultaneously develop blimps with the new helium.


American and Norwegian blimps rain fire on large swaths of Europe. Persia drives the Ottoman empire out. Australia and South Africa both begin Antarctic Colonies. France is conquered. America attacks the Norwegian colony.

(More to come soon)

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