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Colonization of the Americas (Triunfa, España!)

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In Spain, the sun never sets... but that's not true in this article.
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The American continent was heavily colonized between the XVI and the XIX Centuries, with some countries retaining territories there until modern times.

North America

The North American Continent is the half of America which differred the most from OTL in colonial matters. Unlike OTL, many of the small colonies founded by other colonies survived and prospered, most notably the Republic of New Sweden.

Timeline of Colonization

XVI Century

North American Colonization TE circa 1620

Colonization of the North American continent, circa 1620. Green is the Union of the Crowns. Dark blue is France. Light blue is the Netherlands.

  • 1521: The Aztec Empire falls under the Ibero-Italian conqueror Francisco Pizarro and his 600 horsemen. Central Mexico is added to the Ibero-Italian empire.
  • 1521-1647: Spain expands northwards.

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