Voyager 1 in 1978 taking rough photos of Luna itself.

The Colonisation of Luna by Terrestrial nations began a few years after the Space Colonisation Treaty was signed.


Early findings


Buzz Aldrin staring at the New World.

During the first man-led mission to Luna, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin notice a city on Luna, even after scientists doubted the existence of any intelligent species. This led many countries to give up on the possibility of colonizing Luna if there is an intelligent life living on most of the land, until Luna-2 discovered the poles of Luna are warm enough and almost entirely uninhabitable, perfect for human colonization.


Ronald Regan wanted to get to colonizing started as early as possible, introducing the Lunar Colonization movement. However, Greece and Turkey, who's majority is mainly Selenic Selenic, declared war so the colonization would not happen (colonization being unjust in Selenism). This had set back any attempts at Lunar outposts on in the polar regions, however a mission to start preparing "just in case the war would favour the pro-Lunar side" had made a discovery that a widespread disease on Luna had wiped out a majority of the population on Luna, and the survivors were living in one area. The astronauts that had brought back the information they discovered and many countries realized they could colonize the areas which lunans weren't living in. The Space Colonization Treaty stated that the poles would be reserved for countries that required colonies for due to coastal issues.

Colonization by nation(s)

  • Libertadores - By several Hispano-American nations (the Latin Alliance)
  • Kawashiro - Colony and region of Japan
  • Stavanger - Colony and special region of Norway
  • Skellefteå - Colony and region of Sweden
  • Jämsänkoski - Colony and region of Finland
  • New Yugoslavia - Colony established by Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, and Montenegro, aka countries that were once part of a Yugoslavia.
  • Trenčín - Colony and region of Slovakia
  • Kangchenjunga - Colony and special region of Nepal
  • Phitsanulok - Colony and region of Thailand
  • Numa - Colony and region of Romania
  • Baedal - Colony and Autonomous Province/Region of South Korea
  • Namayan - Colony and Autonomous Region of Philippines
  • Komeiji - Colony and region of Japan
  • Temujin - Colony and region of Mongolia
  • Dutywa - Colony and region of South Africa
  • Rødovre - Colony and region of Denmark
  • Rotterdam - Colony and region of Netherlands
  • Delémont - Colony and region of Switzerland
  • Sillamäe - Colony and region of Estonia
  • Bydgoszcz - Colony and region of Poland
  • Stavropol Krai - Colony and former region of Soviet Union. Declared Independence in 2003.
  • Orimattila - Colony and region of Finland
  • Vaxholm - Colony and region of Sweden
  • Sandefjord - Colony and region of Norway
  • Naya Bharat - Colony and region of India
  • Prypiat - Colony and region of Ukraine
  • Pazardjik - Colony and region of Bulgaria
  • Himekaidou - Colony and region of Japan
  • Mosfellsbær - Colony and region of Iceland
  • Ittoqqortoormiit/Scoresbysund - Colony of Nordic Union
  • Frýdek-Místek - Colony of European Union
  • Vũng Tàu - Colony of Association of Southeast Asian Nations