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Basic History

In the mid-1500's, the surviving British colonies in Erikson (Avalon Isles), and the French colonies in the south, were in need of urgent help. The French colonies relied on mostly agricultural labor, but most people didn't have any slaves. The only slaves were the Native Eriksons that were taken by the French.

The British, however, decided to begin colonization of Africa, as it could be a good gold-making and money-making opportunity. The French soon followed, colonizing from Algeria down to the forests of the Congo. They kept a light rule on their lower areas, though, and named many of their colonies after the tribes in the area. Algeria became such an integral part of France that by the 1700's, it was majorly populated by people of French origin.

The British rule on their African colonies was extremely light, as they basically didn't need anything out of it. The only colonies that they had was in the Antillies, and even those were very small. They were, however, able to colonize all the way down to what eventually became Kenya.

The Dutch and the Portuguese were the other two main colonizers of Africa. They sailed around the bottom of Africa, and began to set up port cities there. The Dutch ended up having South-West Africa, while the Portuguese had their colonies of South Africa and Zanzibar.

The Spanish had parts of Angola, but those were mostly ceded to French and Dutch control by the mid-1600's. Most European colonies in Africa were freed by the early 1800's.
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Africa in 1780.