Invasion of Africa

June 15, 1981


June 17, 1981


Socialist Africa region


Dark Brazilian Empire victory. Socialist regions colonized.


DB2 Dark Brazilian Empire

Socialist African Countries
Flag of Guinea Guinea
450px-Flag of Sierra Leone.svg Sierra Leone
Flag of Togo Togo
GhanaFlag Ghana
Flag of Côte d'Ivoire Côte-d'Ivoire
Native tribes


DB2 D. Pedro III

Many generals


800,000 soldiers

c. 750,000 soldiers

Casualties and Losses

c. 200 soldiers injured

130 died, 15 injured

The colonization of Africa by the Dark Brazilian Empire has its origins on January 1980, when D. Peter III orders newly-constructed ships to attack the African coast after learning that some countries in this region were becoming socialist nations. A surprise attack on the African coast occurred on June 15, 1981. Local armed forces came together in an attempt to halt the invasion, but without success. In two days, Brazilian troops conquer socialist West Africa. As a result, the region becomes a colony of Brazil. D. Peter III died one month after the battle.

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