The colonization of Africa by the Europeans and Americans mainly occured during the late 19th century and early 20th century.


  • American Colonies
  • Belgian Colonies
  • British Colonies
  • French Colonies
  • German Colonies
  • Kingdom of Italy Colonies
  • Iberian Colonies

Description of Colonies


America only had one colony in Africa: Liberia. With the Abolitionist movement and American expansionism at full swing in the 1850s, a colony in Africa would be perfect for a colony. Even though slavery was outlawed after the end of the American Civil War, many former slaves still faced discrimination. Thousands of boats went to Liberia. The colony was prosperous, with large amounts of farmed peppers and grain. Inspired by Canada and Winnipeg to the north and its own anti-discrimination origins, the colony integrated the local tribes, gaining more resources. Despite the colonies power, it barely grew inland, blocked by Iberian colonies. It instead grew down the coast. During the First Great War, the Liberians fought against the invading Iberians, which created a sense of colonial and national pride. Several groups argued for Liberian independence, however the Great Depression ended this, due to Liberia's need for American help. After World War II, Liberia was finally given independence.

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