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  • Venice colonizes modern day Liberia.
  • All of Siberia is now part of Russia.
  • Russia colonizes part of modern-day Kazakhstan.
  • Portugal expands in Brazil.
  • Portugal expands Benguela and Mozambique.
  • French Canada expands into tribal areas.
  • France invades West Africa.
  • Netherlands expand Dutch East Indies.
  • Spain expands New Spain.
  • Britain establishes colonies in Africa.


  • Venetian colony in Liberia is given to the Ottomans under some pressure.
  • Britain colonies New Providence.
  • Portugal expands in Brazil.
  • Portugal expands Benguela and Mozambique.
  • Russia colonizes part of modern-day Kazakhstan.
  • France expands in West Africa.
  • Ottoman colonises Arabia bedouins and vassalizes many small nations and state around the empire.


  • Britain continues to go inland of France. The Ottoman support has retreated.
  • Portugal colonises inward Brazil.
  • Spain attacks France, ceding south of the nation. Spain also takes over French West Africa
  • New Spain in Americas have expanded North
  • Netherlands attacks France, ceding some land in North.


  • Britain expands in North Africa and Canada.
  • Ottoman Empire expands through most of East and South Africa, and conquers its formal vassals.
  • Spain expands its colonies in South America.
  • Spain annexes French West Africa.
  • French Guiana is annexed by Portugal.
  • Portugal settles in the Tiwi Islands.
  • Portugal annexes some land in Africa.

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