Because of the new power in this TL colonialism was much different. Carthaginian states were able to gain a base in colonialism because of their advancements in maritime research.

Start of Colonialism

In the year 1457 the advanced kingdoms of Miclar and Hispania were competing for maritime trade. The Cartho-Sicilian Kingdom was sending supplies and goods to the expanding Miclarian Kingdom. This Kingdom and Hispania both had sub-Saharan colonies and colonies in Asia. The third biggest colonial power at the time was the Cartho Kingdom of Neo Phoenicia, formerly the Atlas territories. These three powers were competing with the other colonial powers for land.

Colonial Powers were

  1. Miclarian Kingdom
  2. Hispania
  3. Neo Phoenicia
  4. Britannia
  5. Vikeland
  6. Cartho-Sardinia
  7. Arabia
  8. Gaul
  9. Scotia
  10. The Byzantine Empire
  11. Tyrian Empire

These are the top 11 colonial powers of the time.

In the year 1492 war broke out between Cartho Sicily and Hispania because Cartho- Sicily was aiding the Miclarian Kingdom with secrets about Hispania. The Spanish navy destroyed all but one fleet of the Sicilian navy in the battle of the Adrian Sea. The one fleet was captured by the Spanish and they were set out westward to supposedly fall off the end of the world. This Sicilian crew discovered America and claimed part of it for Cartho Sicily. They then reported their discoveries to the Miclarian Kingdom.

Cartho based Colonies

European Colonies

Asian Colonies

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