The Grand Duchy of Tuscany founded many colonies in the Americas. After Tuscany began doing this other Italian duchies founded colonies. Tuscany freed many other duchies from foreign powers and enabled them to found colonies. When the Duchies came together in the unification wars the colonies grew more powerful.

Italian Colonies

Colonies of Tuscany

Colonies of Venice

Colonies of Sicily

Famous Cities

Colonies of Modena


The Grand Duchy of Tuscany was the first of the Italian duchies to form a colony. Its first colony was New Tuscany. New Tuscany started out in the Guyana region and spread into Suriname. From Suriname the colony moved into Venezuela and then French Guiana. The East side of Venezuela was soon colonized by Tuscany. This colony soon spread to be too big to be controllable by the Tuscan governor, Thornton. Due to the size of the colony Tuscany divided the territory into two sections. The new section was known as the Viceduchy of Florence. The next country to colonize the Americas was Venice. Venice heard of the riches of Tuscany and realizing competition in the Italian peninsula was created as a Venetian colony. The Venetian colony also expands and forms two viceduchies. After Venice, Sicily started a colony. Their colony gets off to a bad start and they lose a war against the Cherokee natives in Georgia. Modena was the last of the Italian colonists to colonize the new world.

During the war for Italian Unification Modenas colonies freed themselves all except for the African colony of Modena Africani. Modena African was divided. One half went to the English colonies in South Africa and the other went to the Italian Empire.

One by one the Italian colonies rebelled and created countries. The Colony in Georgia of Sicily freed itself when it allied with the natives. It went to war with Sicily and created its own country in the Floridan Revolution. Although this was a terrible setback, Sicily was'nt finished. The sent ships from the port of Siracusa to the Yucatan peninsula. They were successful in making a colony on the island of Cozumel, eventually the Spanish took over the island and its name changed from Nuova Siracusa to the native name of Cozumel.

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