During the 1100, at about the time of Ghengis Khan, the Polynesians had the greatest naval forces and maritime forces. Their sea technology even rivaled the Chinese of the early Ming dynasty. When the Empires in the Polynesians went on expeditions they often brought back countless goods. They brought monkeys from South America and Kangaroos from Australia. These goods would be traded with people from India and China. This made the Chinese treasury want these types of Materials, so they set out to create colonies in 1376. India traded this sort of stuff with the Arabs who traded it with some Europeans. This resulted with the Portuguese becoming the first Europeans in the New World by 1424. India also colonized the New World and so did Japan. In China the Mandarins ended up discouraging the colonization and trips into the New World because of the tremendous amount of taxes and wealth that need to be used. This was making China poorer, because of this the Mandarins abandoned the colonies in 1421. The Europeans took control of the Chinese colonies after that.

European Colonies

Polynesian Colonies

  • Isla Nui- located in OTL California and Hawai'i. Colonized by The Confederation of Isles
  • New Polynesia- locatede in OTL west Mexico and Guatemala. Colonized by The Empire of Annam.

Colonial history

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