Colonial Wars
Date 1936-1942
Location Across the British Empire
Result Establishment of the Kingdom of Iraq, State of Nigeria, Federation of Malaya, Sultanate of Egypt, East African Federation
  • British Commonwealth
    • Kingdom of Canada
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • Rhodesia-Nyasaland
    • India
    • State of Palestine
    • Kingdom of Transjordan
    • Federation of Malaya
    • Anglo-Egyption State of the Sudan
    • Kingdom of Iraq
    • British East Africa
    • South Africa
    • British Nigeria
  • Sultanate of Egypt
  • East African Federation
  • Iraqi Arab Republic
  • Malayan Republic
  • Federation of Nigeria and the Cameroons

The Colonial Wars were a series of conflicts fought throughout the British Empire following the descending of Britain into civil war.


The Colonial Wars were a direct result of the Fascist Coup in Britain which created a power vacuum within many British colonies which the British attempted to fill be establishing Commonwealth states, such as the Federation of Rhodesia-Nyasaland. Whilst some of these states, such as Rhodesia-Nyasaland were established relatively peacefully, other states such as Nigeria faced uprisings, these escalated into full scale war in many parts of the empire. The beginning of the wars is believed to have been the annulling of the Anglo-Egyptian Treaty by the Sultanate of Egypt which resulted in a declaration of war by the British Commonwealth.

Early Years

The outbreak of conflict began with the occupation of the Suez Canal by Canadian troops after their driving out of Egyptian forces marking the beginning of The Battle of the Suez which would last the duration of the War. Other early moves by Commonwealth included the Australian occupation of Singapore, the Indian invasion of Kuwait, and the Canadian landings at Lagos.

These early attacks gave the Commonwealth forces the upper hand initially, forcing rebels across the empire on the defensive, with a focus on fighting in Sudan in the conflict against Egypt where Canadian, Australian and New Zealand forces were making rapid advances towards the Sudanese Capital of Khartoum.