In the Brendanias the colonies were rocked with Four Colonial Wars, which changed the colonies and nations of the Brendanias.

Colonial Wars

First Colonial War

The First Colonial War occurred from 1330 to 1338, involving the nations of Scandinavia, the Celtic Union, and Wales against the Mali Empire and later Morocco. The cause of the war was Long Island and who controlled the island. When an agreement could not be reached Mali soldiers attacked the Celtic Fort Cross, which was the first battle in the war. Scandinavia, the Celtic Union, and Wales were allied in the Colonial Alliance, which led to Scandinavia and Wales joining the war. The Colonial Alliance would later conquer the Mali colonies and the Mali and Morocco in Africa. The conquered lands in Africa would become Scandinavian colonies.

Second Colonial War

The Second Colonial War began in 1494 and ended in 1505. The war began because of the Spanish wanted land in the Brendanias and the only way to do was defeat Welsh, Celtic, and Scandinavian soldiers on the continent. Later France and the Netherlands would join in to get some land on the continents.

Third Colonial War

The cause of the Third Colonial War the dispute between England and the Celtic Union over control of the Ohio River Valley. In 1630 this exploded into what is known as the Third Colonial War. The Colonial Alliance, an alliance between Scandinavia, the Celtic Union, and Wales ended after the war due to their defeat.

Fourth Colonial War

Map of europe 1763

Map of Europe after the Fourth Colonial War.

The Fourth Colonial War the colonial war beginning in 1754. Spain and Scandinavia could not agree on a border in North Brendania and soon the Spanish invaded Markland. While the war distracted the two powers England tried to take over some of Scandinavian and Spanish colonies around the world, which turned the war into a three-way global war, engulfing many nations of the world. The Fourth Colonial War gave birth to the Prussian Empire and the Confederacy of the Baltic and several eliminated the size of the Holy Roman Empire.

The war took place on five continents: Europe, North Brendania, South Brendania, Asia, and Africa. In Europe fighting was mainly in northern France, Russia, and Central Europe, and the Italian Peninsula. In North Brendania the fighting took place all over the continent. In South Brendania Normandy and Phoenicia fought in the eastern part of the continent. In Africa the fighting occurred in Morocco and French colonies. In Asia the fighting took place in Mongolia and India.

The Fourth Colonial War was the most destructive colonial war, and it led to no foreign power entering the French Revolutionary Wars due to the fear of another destructive conflict. Despite the fact earlier colonial wars took place in many continents, only the Fourth Colonial War is considered a world war.

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