Pskov Imperial Co. Flag

Flag of the Pskov Imperial Company

A Namestnik, for lack of a better translation, is he who rules "In Place"(Na Meste) of the Head of state. The word has been translated many ways, from Governor to viceroy, but what remains clear is that Pskov used it as a way to name the people in charge of the administration of colonies and islands(and vassal principalities)

The Pskov Imperial Company

The Pskov Imperial Company (PIC) used Namestnik as the title for the active governor of the Coalition of Islands in the Imperial Sea that fell under their control. He, in the place of both the President of the PIC and the Knyaz of Pskov, ruled with their authority over the entirety of the Colony-Islands. The Namestnik of the Pskov Imperial Company (Наместник Псковской Имперской Компании) was appointed for a period of ten and later five years by the Knyaz (and later Velikiy Knyaz) of Pskov, upon, of course, the advice of the President of the PIC. In addition to this, each separate island was allowed to choose a Lieutenant-Namestnik (Наместник-Лейтенант) to help administer the islands individually, who would then be able to council the namestnik of the PIC in a similar manner to that of the election of the Grand Prince of Pskov. 

List of Namestniks of the PIC in the Isles

Order Name Term End Term End Notes
1 Evgeni Dimitrievich Bogorskiy 1593 1603
2 Ruslan Feodosievich Kosyakov 1603 1608
3 Timofey Vassilievich Gorskiy 1608 1613
4 Yaroslav Vladimirovich Prokhimin 1613 1618
5 NIkolai Ruslanovich Pozharskiy 1618 1623
6 1623 1628
7 1628 1633
8 1633 1638
9 1638 1643
10 1643 1648
11 1648 1652
12 1652 1658

Namestniks of the PIC African Division(Zlatobrezhie)

PIC african Division Monogram

Monogram of the PIC African Division

Order Name Trerm begin Term End Notes

Nikolai Grigorievich Romanov

1628* 1637* Actual start of term debatable, as there was no real infrastructure of governance until 1630 other than pure military occupation. Started Russification
2 Yaroslav Georgievich Godunov 1637 1642 loosened restrictions on language use in public, but required it for any administrative business.
3 Ivan Sviatoslavovich Belinskiy 1642 1647 Relative Peace, Yaroslav's reforms did the possession well,
4 1652 1657

Lieutenant-Namestniks of the PIC

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