Colonial Brasil
Timeline: Vikings in the New World
Preceded by 1292-1656 Succeeded by
Nuevo Aragon Flag 2

Costa de Oro Flag
Royal Banner of the Crown of Castille (Habsbourg Style)

Nueva Castillia Flag 2

Brasil Flag
Argentina Flag VINW
West Brasil Flag

Colonial Brasil Flag
Last flag of Colonial Brasil before its independence
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In the 1290's, after seeing the colonies of New England surviving and thriving, the people of Castile decided to send pioneers to colonize the lower regions of Erikson. During this time, the explorer Enrique Ansuro got sent off course by a miscalculation in his route. He landed in what is now the upper regions of Brasil, in the continent of Ansuro.

He returned with boatloads of gold, and was immediately knighted by the king after returning. Enrique made six return trips to the place before dying of natural causes.


Throughout the end of the fourteenth century and the beginning of the fifteenth, Brasil's main goal was to expand. They absorbed the Aragonian and Portuguese colonies in Ansuro, and grew faster than both New England and Vinland. Near the beginning of the 1500's, they created a new region of their colony called New Castile, which was in the northern regions of Brasil.