The Colonial Alliance was founded in 1902 after the United European Commonwealth disbanded all colonial empires originating on the continent, on the condition that the remaining territories Federate.

Basic History

After it was founded in 1902, the Alliance consolidated its hold over its many territories by improving infrastructure. Its capital became Canada City, formerly York, in 1904. The Alliance was essentially a vast treaty of Democratic Government, Non-Aggression, Trade and Mutual defense in 1913. It then formed a parliament and rewrote its constitution. In 1945, at the onset of the Great War, it provided economic and political support to the UEC. However, it was invaded by the Federated States of America in 1948, despite its neutrality. It then declared war, and lost over half its territory to American Aggression. The remainder withdrew from the war in 1949, less then a year after the American assault. It re-declared war in 1951, joining with the African Confederation and the United Economic Commonwealth. It managed to re-secure nearly all of its former territory by the wars end in 1953.

Military Tactics

The Alliance military typically used Corvette and Airpack swarms, based from its few carriers or any ground installation, although it did posses a few frigates. It has little ground forces. After the war, the Colonial Air Force began to use destroyers as the mainstay of their fleet.


The Alliance is made up of multiple cultures, most of which where subjugated by colonial empires at some point int he past. Many of these cultures are attempting to re-establish themselves. The Alliance has a general "Colonial Culture" which is highly polite and does not feature heavily on bright or colourful clothing, usually adopting local cloths. There are several languages, the most prominent being English, Spanish and French. Colonial citizens tend to be highly socialist due to their history of imperial subjugation.

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