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Colombian Empire
Imperio Colombiano
Timeline: Days After Chaos
OTL equivalent: Colombia
Flag of Colombia 1860 – Present
Flag of Colombia.svg
Muy Noble leal y valerosa
(Very Noble, Valiant and Loyal Village)
La perla del Norte
Colombian-Caucan Empires.png
Location of Colombia
Official languages Spanish
Regional Languages Dutch
Ethnic groups  Hispanic
Demonym Colombian
Religion Christian Catholicism
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 -  Emperor Luis Fernando II
Legislature Asamblea General
 -  Established confederation 1872 
 -  Empire Foundation 1906 
 -  2014 estimate 9,485.789 
Currency Peso Imperial

The Colombian empire is a nation encompassing most of the western and central areas of OTL Venezuela, eastern colombia and San Andres y providencia plus the dutch Antilles and Tobago. Its type of government its a constitutional monarchy centered around cucuta (being this the main center of trade in the region between Venezuela and Colombia through land) its the most populated city with nearly a million out of the 4.6 million of people in the country


Born in the middle of the crisis tearing apart both Colombia and Venezuela in early 1870 it was horned when a few landlords from Pamplona cucuta and San Antonio gathered forces to defend from the raiders from the catatumbo region and Bucaramangan monarchy attacks to exert control over note Dr Santander Originally a local leadership it soon spread outwards into the region of tachira and valledupar. In twenty years the Empire grew into unifying with the republic of Maracaibo and the city states of falcon by 1893 the Cucutenian kingdom entered in a war with Bucaramanga allied with the Tunjan republic and the sangilean monarchy. The war ended in 1896 with a victory from the coalition but with the weakening from tunja and sangil eventually both of this nations became members of the kingdom and with the subjugation of the Colombian government in Bogota in 1906 the empire gained the title of Colombian Empire and manage to make Bogota a puppet of the imperial government in cucuta

Political division

Although being an empire the division is in relatively independent states with their own local monarchies responding to the imperial monarch in cucuta

Divided in 63 states the biggest being the cucutenian monarchy.