Colombian Empire
Imperio Colombiano
Timeline: Colombian Empire
Flag of Colombia
Flag of Colombia
Colombian Empire
Colombian Empire Since 1976

Libertad y orden, a Liberdade ea ordem (Spanish, Portuguese)
("(Freedom and order)")

(and largest city)
Language Spanish, Portuguese
Religion Christian
Ethnic Group Colombian
President Carlos Andres Betancourt
Currency Peso (Peso Colombiano)

It occupies in OTL Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Northern Peru, British Guiana, Western Suriname, the Central American Nations, and a great Portion of Brazil.

The POD of this timeline is that Colombian and eventually Venezuelan and Ecuadorial movements for independence started in 1780 the "Revolucion de los comuneros" triggered the criollo nationalism and they secure their independence after the army and a small formed republican fleet in the Port of Cartagena when they defeated Spanish forces on July 20, 1787


Like the rest of Latin America, nations are Spanish speaking but after the invasions of Jamaica and Brazil English and Portuguese become co-official languages. The life and knowledge levels of the empire have grown since the empire became a superpotence both regionally and mundially After The First Amazonian War and the war of Centroamerica In both Defeating Its Enemies and Warranting their Political Hegemony.

History, Wars and Expansion

After Their Independence Is achieved In the Battle of Cartagena, Spaniards Realize that they won't be able to get the Lands Back under their control and Concede them With independence and Jurisdiction Over a small Portion Of Northern Peru. After this, Juan Andres Amaya, a Leader Of the Movement, Is Named The president of the Republic, and They Set the Capital In San Jose de Cucuta. As Of 1795 the Nation Has Grown From a colonial Undeveloped nation to a small prosperous nation, Threatening the Spanish Empire In America because it was Starting to Impulse Revolutionary Movements In Peruvian terrain and in Argentina. Despite this, Colombia avoids entering a conflict against Spain Because they are aware of what Spain is capable of doing. After 30 years of Wars on the Continent, by the end of 1820 decade Most of the Nations are independent. The Empire Of Brazil Starts To Initiate expansion on foreign territories and Colombian Territories. This, Outraging the President Julio Andres Carrillo Anzoategui, Declares war against The Brazilian Empire and Forms an alliance with Peru, Starting The Amazonian Wars. After a series of small raids in Southern Venezuelan Terrain and Eastern Peruvian Terrains the Andean Coalition Pushes Brazilian Army Out Of Amazonas Reclaiming a Great Part Of it for The Republic and Peru. After this, The Political Leadership Became even More Powerful In the Region, And after The Death Of the President and Assassination of the Vice president The General Leader Of the army Took Over and Reformed The Republic. Making it A "Democratic" Empire Giving Himself that, Status Emperador De La Nueva Granada y Amazonias. As of 1845 The empire Hegemony In South America was total, Just Followed By their Allies The Peruvians. In 1851 After Salvadorians Ask The Empire For Support Against the Mexicans. In the Beginning Hesitating of Starting A conflict Against another Regional Potence The Empire Attempted To stay out of it. Until Mexico Decides to Strike Panama And Mosquito Provinces Near Nicaragua. The empire Sent Troops To El Salvador and Invaded Costa Rica And Southern Nicaragua and Start Pushing the Mexican Army North. By 1854 The Mexican Progress In Centroamerica Had been lost and the Mexican Naval Fleet Was Obliterated After The Battle Of Yucatan on Mexico's Coast. Realizing That the war would be lost, Mexico Acceded To Give Oregon To The Americans as well as Utah and Northern Parts Of Texas. The Americans Entered The war sending Their Fleet To the Battle Of Veracruz which was The Greatest Loss That Americans Had Ever Experienced with 150 ships destroyed from a fleet of 173 ships. With This and the Push North, With this United States, Mexican Empire Capitulating to The Colombian Empire and Having Control Over Central America and Southern Mexico And Initiating The Creation Of nations Like the Republics of Texas, California and Cascadia In the Once Controlled Mexican Terrain.

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