Colombia's GDP is 3 trillion USD, making it one of the biggest economic powerhouses in Latin America. Indeed throughout the 60s and 90s, it was a "Latin Jaguar" nation unil the Colombian recession of '98. As an industrial powerhouse, its main exports are cars and planes. According to an OSS report, Colombia's GDP will be half that of Germany's by 2020, if German Economic Decline and Colombia regain's the Jaguar status.


Army - Colombia's Jaguar Tanks (OTL T-95) which have recently entered service. These have been compared to the Brazilian Dom Pedro tank and have so far proved themselves to be a viable land power. The Toucan attack helicopters have also been a key part of Colombian military strategy.

Air Force - The Colombian Air force uses the Condor class fighter that is among the first to use a swept wing design. The fighter's VTOL capabilities allow it to launch from almost any solid surface in the world.

Navy - The Colombian navy's doctrine is swift and silent attacks. For this end, they specialise in Dagger-class submarines which are among the most difficult to detect and can potentially carry a nuclear payload.

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