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Colombia (Quebec Independence)

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Republic of Colombia
República de Colombia
Timeline: Quebec Independence
Flag of Colombia Coat of arms of Colombia
Flag Coat of Arms

Libertad y Orden (Spanish)

Anthem "Oh, Gloria Inmarcesible!"
Capital Bogota
Largest city Bogota
Language Spanish
Religion Roman Catholic
Ethnic Groups
Mestizo, White
  others Native America
Demonym Colombian
Government Unitary Presidential Republic
Independence from Spain
  declared July 20, 1810
  recognized August 7, 1819
Currency Peso
Organizations Third Bloc
 Colombia is a country located in the northwest of South America and parts of Central America. After fighting and earning its independence from Spain in 1819, Colombia remained slightly unstable for the century, featuring several civil wars between Liberal and Conservative factions. French interest in building a canal in the Colombian territory of Panama resulted in a close alliance between the two. However, the Conservative faction decried this as a return to colonialism. Colombia and France were both defeated in World War I, resulting in the fascist element of the conservative party taking control. The fascists were defeated in the brutal Brazilian Civil War of the 1940s, and since then, thanks to pressure from nearby Venezuela, Colombia has become a democratic state that is more or less stable.

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