República de Colombia
Republic of Colombia
1933 –
Flag of Colombia Coat of arms of Colombia
"Libertad y Orden."
("Liberty and Order.")
Oh, Gloria Inmarcesible"
Official language: Spanish
State ideology: Capitalism
Government: Presidential republic
Head of government:
- 1943 –
Jorje Gaitan
Area: 1,141,748 km² (26th)
Population: 44,087,000 (29th)
Currency: Peso

While Colombia remained neutral in the Second World War, it swiftly joined NATO.

The Soviet Union and the Third Reich responded by funding FARC and Drug Cartels respectively.

Colombia has been known to be a Cold War hotspot, especially when the Soviet friendly Hugo Chavez of Venezuela was accused by Alvaro Uribe to have used naval bases as a staging point for drug shipments. That escalated with the Suriname Missile Crisis, Reichskanzler ordered nuclear missiles be deployed on Suriname in light of heated tensions. Thankfully all sides were sane enough to back down.

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