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Republic of Colombia
Timeline: Down a Different Path

OTL equivalent: Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Panama
Flag of Colombia
Colombia Orthographic DownDifPath
Location of Colombia

Libertad y Orden (Spanish)

Anthem "¡Oh Gloria Inmarcesible! (O Unfading Glory)"
(and largest city)
Other cities Caracas, Panama City, Quito, Guayaquil, Medellín, Cali, Cartagena,
  others 68 others (includin kichwa and english)
Ethnic Groups
  others White (non-Hispanic), Black, South American
Demonym Colombian
Government Constitutional republic
  legislature Congreso de la Unión
President Sebastián Sánchez de la Brea
Congreso de la Unión Juan Carlos Suárez
Area 933,281 square mi
Population 98,334,000 
Established -1820 (as Gran Colombia)

-1830 (as Nueva Granada) -1886 (as Republic of Colombia)

Independence from Spain
  declared August 10, 1809
  recognized August 7, 1819
Currency Colombian peso
Time Zone (UTC-4 and UTC-5)
Internet TLD .co
Organizations United Nations, OEA
The Republic of Colombia, or just Colombia, is a republic in North and (mainly) South America. It shares land borders with Central America, Peru, Amazon, and Guyana (United Kingdom).



The territory that is now part of Colombia, was first colonized by the spanish from 1519 to 1534.

It was first divided between the Virreinato de Nueva Granada (North Region) and the Virreinato de Lima (Southern Region)


The First claim for independence came from Quito on August the 10th 1809, forming an emergency government loyal to the exiled king of Spain Felipe VII, its purpose was not to declare independence as a republic, but to change the form of government to a constitutional monarchy (like the UK), but it was repressed by the Imperialist troops, loyal to the spanish puppet king José Bonaparte, killing all of the independentist in the august the 2nd of 1810 massacre.




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