The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament is an annual 68-team playoff held by the NCAA for Men's Basketball, which culminates in the Final Four and a National Champion. The reigning 2011 National Champions are the Washington Huskies, winning the 2011 Final Four held in Mesa, New Mexico. The tournament has been held every year since 1934 - it expanded to 64 teams from 32 in 1987, and to 68 teams in 2005.

List of National Champions

1936: Syracuse Orange

1937: Syracuse Orange

1938: Syracuse Orange

1939: Southern California Trojans

1940: Harvard

1941: Harvard

1942: Tennessee Volunteers

1943: Tennessee Volunteers

1944: California Bears

1945: Kentucky Wildcats

1946: Stanford Cardinal

1947: Stanford Cardinal

1948: Stanford Cardinal

1949: Stanford Cardinal

1950: Massachusetts Minutemen

1951: Louisiana State Tigers

1952: Kentucky Wildcats

1953: Louisiana State Tigers

1954: Louisiana State Tigers

1955: Kentucky Wildcats

1956: Oregon Ducks

1957: North Carolina Tar Heels

1958: North Carolina Tar Heels

1959: Oregon Ducks

1960: Oregon Ducks

1961: Oregon Ducks

1962: Oregon Ducks

1963: Oregon Ducks

1964: Oregon Ducks

1965: Oregon Ducks

1966: Pittsburgh Panthers

1967: Georgia Bulldogs

1968: Georgia Bulldogs

1969: Pacifica State Ravens over Georgia Bulldogs (runner ups: Deseret State Navajos, Chicago Maroons)

1970: Georgia Bulldogs

1971: Georgia Bulldogs

1972: Michigan State Spartans

1973: Washington Huskies

1974: Virginia Cavaliers over Southern California Trojans (runner ups: California Bears, Indiana Hoosiers) Nashville, TN

1975: Indiana Hoosiers over Massachusetts Minutemen (runner ups: California Bears, Delaware Spartans) Indianapolis, IN

1976: Indiana Hoosiers over Virginia Cavaliers (runner ups: Louisiana Rams, Florida State Seminoles) Indianapolis, IN

1977: Indiana Hoosiers over Sequoyah Braves (runner ups: Kentucky Wildcats, Virginia Cavaliers) Indianapolis, IN

1978: Syracuse Orange over Indiana Hoosiers (runner ups: Virginia Cavaliers, San Diego Tritons) Indianapolis, IN

1979: Indiana Hoosiers over Oregon Ducks (runner ups: Kansas Jayhawks, William Collins Eagles) Indianapolis, IN

1980: Oregon Ducks over Kansas Jayhawks (runner ups: North Carolina Tar Heels, Michigan State Spartans) Indianapolis, IN

1981: San Diego Tritons over Notre Dame Fighting Irish (runner ups: Kansas Jayhawks, Oregon Ducks) Indianapolis, IN

1982: North Carolina Tar Heels over Georgia Bulldogs (runner ups: Notre Dame Fighting Irish, San Diego Tritons) Indianapolis, IN

1983: Notre Dame Fighting Irish over Kansas Jayhawks (runner ups: Texas A&M Aggies, San Diego Tritons) Santa Fe, NM

1984: Kansas Jayhawks over Washington State Cougars (runner ups: Maryland Terrapins, Aroostook Golden Eagles) San Francisco, CA

1985: Notre Dame Fighting Irish over Alabama Crimson Tide (runner ups: Rutgers Scarlet Knights, Florida Gators) San Francisco, CA

1986: Notre Dame Fighting Irish over Kansas Jayhawks (runner ups: Kentucky Wildcats, Maryland Terrapins) Tacoma, WA

1987: Kansas Jayhawks over Kentucky Wildcats (runner ups: Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Florida Gators) Miami, FL

1988: Notre Dame Fighting Irish over Oregon Ducks (runner ups: Kentucky Wildcats, Sequoyah Braves) Miami, FL

1989: Kansas Jayhawks over Notre Dame Fighting Irish (runner ups: Kentucky Wildcats, California Bears) Chicago, IL

1990: Kansas Jayhawks over Pittsburgh Panthers (runner ups: Arkansas State Indians, Montana State Bobcats) Chicago, IL

1991: Arkansas State Indians over Kansas Jayhawks (runner ups: Chicago Maroons, Pittsburgh Panthers) New York, NY

1992: Montana State Bobcats over Alabama Crimson Tide (runner ups: Arkansas State Indians, Virginia Cavaliers) San Antonio, TX

1993: Chicago Maroons over Iowa State Cyclones (runner ups: Kansas Jayhawks, Stanford Cardinal) San Antonio, TX

1994: Pittsburgh Panthers over Illinois Fighting Illini (runner ups: South Carolina Gamecocks, UCLA Bruins) Havana, CU

1995: Chicago Maroons over Pittsburgh Panthers (runner ups: Ohio State Buckeyes, Kentucky Wildcats) San Diego, CA

1996: Chicago Maroons over Virginia Cavaliers (runner ups: Washington Huskies, Western Cuba Sugarcanes) San Diego, CA

1997: Pacifica State Ravens over Ohio State Buckeyes (runner ups: Aroostook Golden Eagles, Illinois Fighting Illini) Santa Fe, NM

1998: Kansas Jayhawks over Florida State Seminoles (runner ups: Deseret Honeybees, Georgia Bulldogs) Havana, CU

1999: Pacifica State Ravens over Kansas Jayhawks (runner ups: Chicago Maroons, Huron State Warriors) Vancouver, OR

2000: Syracuse Orange over Louisiana Pelicans (runner ups: Kansas Jayhawks, Michigan Wolverines) La Paz, PN

2001: Notre Dame Fighting Irish over Montana State Bobcats (runner ups: Kansas Jayhawks, Pacifica State Ravens) Los Angeles, CA

2002: Arkansas State Indians over Maryland Terrapins (runner ups: Kentucky Wildcats, Pacifica State Ravens) La Paz, PN

2003: Aroostook Golden Eagles over Massachusetts Minutemen (runner ups: Michigan State Spartans, Pacifica State Ravens) Los Angeles, CA

2004: Oregon Ducks over Arkansas State Indians (runner ups: Montana Grizzlies, Aroostook Golden Eagles) Chicago, IL

2005: Notre Dame Fighting Irish over Nebraska Cornhuskers (runner ups: Sequoyah Braves, Kentucky Wildcats) Chicago, IL

2006: Notre Dame Fighting Irish over Cornell Big Red (runner ups: Georgia Bulldogs, Peninsula Raptors) Boston, MA

2007: Mississippi Falcons over Deseret State Navajos (runner ups: Pacifica State Ravens, Cornell Big Red) Aurora, AP

2008: Peninsula Raptors over Huron State Warriors (runner ups: Pacifica State Ravens, Notre Dame Fighting Irish) Covenant, AR

2009: Havana Caribs over Texas Longhorns (runner ups: Nebraska Cornhuskers, Huron State Warriors) Houston, TX

2010: Kahokia Thundering Herd over Arkansas State Indians (runner ups: Havana Caribs, Indiana Hoosiers) New York, NY

2011: Washington Huskies over Havana Caribs (runner ups: Pacifica State Ravens, Indiana Hoosiers) Mesa, New Mexico

2012: Indiana Hoosiers over Notre Dame Fighting Irish (runner ups: Arkansas State Indians, Kentucky Wildcats)

2013: Arkansas State Indians over Missouri Tigers (runner ups: Peninsula Raptors, Central Michigan Chippewas)

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