History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian

Histanai Bella (ColdWar)
September 2, 2203(1450)
Resultmoderate disarmament, cessation of active hostilities
Concilium Mundi, Roman Empire

Pan Asian Bloc: Sinica,
Djagatai Khanate, Dyapapaka, Swatiya (left PAB in 2195(1442))
Troops Mobilized
Roman World

Eastern World
Casualties includes civilian deaths
Roman World:

Eastern World


The conflict was called the cold war relatively early in its life, though at times when international tensions were highest the situation was referred to by some as Arma Mundi Secundum. However, by the 2150's many began to take the cold war less seriously, and later some even saw it as strictly a competition.

Yellow/Western Menace

The Sino-Roman Coldwar saw its share of McCarthy types on both sides gripping the populace at times in xenophobic fear, however, given the great cultural diversities in both the CM and PAB, these tactics were soon seen to be detrimental to the unity of their organisations. Purges were quite common but subtle and set up enough beforehand that people rarely cared about the people being taken by the time they disappeared.

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