The World, 1960

This is the Cold War between Nazi Germany (Grossdeutschesreich) who won World War II in Europe and the United States of America who won World War II in the Pacific. As I'm not good in English, I will make it short and simple, how Germany had won the war and the Cold War that followed.

Battle of Britain : Point of Divergence - 1940

Since 1938, Hitler ordered the construction of many U-Boats and bombers in case of a war and a planning invasion of England.

In 1940, after the Fall of France, German bombers attacked British Airfields. No bombers attacked London.

In October 1940, the British government flees to Canada, while the German Army crosses the English Channel and invade South England. After three months of fights, Great Britain surrender. Some days later, Germany invades Ireland and Iceland, they surrender by March 1941. Canada, Egypt, South Africa, India (and South-East Asian colonies) and Australia (including New Zealand) stay at fight with Germany. Hitler doesn't see them as a threat and instead begins the invasion of Yugoslavia and Balkans in May 1941.

Invasion of Yugoslavia and Greece - 1941

On May 1st 1941, Germany, Italy and Hungary invade Yugoslavia and on May 15th, they win.

On June 1st 1941, German, Italy and Albania invade Greece and on June 26th, they win.

Hitler then sets August 1st as the invasion of Egypt and Arabia but he promised to Palestine not to invade the Middle-East including Palestine, Cisjordania, Iraq and Turkey so they can form the Arab League and help Germany to eliminate the Jooz, but they would give him all the oil he needs and bases to invade Soviet Union from Iran and Turkey  (Operation Barbarossa, 1942).

Invasion of Egypt and Arabia - 1941

On August 1st, Italy and Germany invade Egypt. The Western Part would be Italian while from Suez to the East would be German. After many fights, They arrive at Alexandria on September 2nd and at Cairo on September 10th. On September 12th, Egypt surrender.  On September 25th, German armies led by Gen. Rommel then continues their way to Saudi Arabia where they invade it. Arabia surrender without much fighting on September 29th but two British divisions from India attack the German army in Aden but failed and they fell back to India on October 10th. Hitler sets Operation Barbarossa on June 22nd 1944. Meanwhile, he would build more tanks and train more soldiers, while making winter coats for the German armies in case of General Winter.

From December 1941 to August 15 1945, the United States, Free France, Commonwealth of British Colonies (New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the British Exiled Gov.) fought a war in the Pacific against Japan.  

Operation Barbarossa - 1944-1945

On June 22nd 1944, Armies from Germany, Italy, Iran, Hungary, Bulgaria, Vichy France, Finland, Hungary and Occupied Poland crossed the Soviet border in the Operation Barbarossa. Hitler wanted to make sure to win so he waited three years to prepare his conquest so when he invaded Soviet Union, he already have Tiger I and Tiger II King Tiger tanks, Me 262 jet fighters and jet-powered bombers. Soldiers are equipped with STG-44 Assault Rifles. By December, Soviet Union is completely weakened and disappear. Hitler stops his armies when they take the city of Perm on May 8th 1945. because there is no need for further fights against Russian militias. The Republic of Siberia is formed and they fight the Germans at the Russian Wall, a line of bunkers that cover major parts of Siberia (to defend Europe from Siberia). The first capital of Siberia is Omsk, but changes for Vladivostok in 1945 because Siberia becomes an ally of the United States. For Hitler, World War II ends on May 8th 1945 with his full victory in Europe. Meanwhile, the Americans are fighting Japan. The South African Union is independent from German but is allied with it because of its racial views against the blacks.
Ww2 allied axis 1941 dec


The Cold War : 1945-1991

In August 1945, after the two atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the fall of Japan, the Allied Forces begin their occupation of Japan, the Republic of Korea and the Republic of China (The U.S. helped Chang Kai-Shek to defeat Mao), and the rest of Asia. With Germany in Europe, Russia and Africa and the Allies in America and Asia, a Cold War begins.

The United States, fearing a German attack on America begins to occupy Latin and South America and rebuild their countries to make them more advanced countries. (TO BE CONTINUED ...)

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