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US-French Cold War Flag (No Napoleon)

The Cold War

The Cold War (French: Guerre Froide) was a sustained state of political and military tension between the powers of the Western world, led by the United States, and the Eastern world, led by France, its European, Asian and African allies, as well as its large colonial "empire" across Africa. The war began after the success of the powers in World War II, defeating the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom, leaving France and the US as the two dominant superpowers. The success of the French and its political power in Europe helped create the Union of Europe, as well as its success in maintaining power in Africa (until its decolonization).

The Cold War was so named as it never involved military action, and since both sides possessed nuclear weapons, while also predicting their use would probably guarantee their mutual assured destruction. While the war had been maintained for several decades. It had officially ended in 1982 with the signing of the Treaty of Friendship between presidents Napoleon VI and Jimmy Carter, which noted the end of the threat of nuclear warfare and established the United States and France as dominant global powers.

National comparison

Flag of France France US flag with 42 stars by Hellerick United States
Political Strong capitalist semi-presidential constitutional republic. Provided strong influence for the spread of republicanism and democracy. Helped found the League of Nations. Strong ties with European nations, as well as several Asian ones. Totaled 35 allies worldwide, along with 20 colonies and 11 overseas territories. Strong capitalist federation/constitutional republic. Permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council plus two allies (France and Britain) with permanent seats. Strong ties with the Western world, specifically North and South America. Totaled 10 allies.
Geographic Metropolitan France has an area of 677,048 km2, having the largest colonial possession (1945) Seventh largest nation in the world, with an area of about 4,804,536 sq km.


Beginnings of the War

Final years

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