The Cold War was a series of political and military tensions between the World Defense Federation and the Nationalist Association of States following the end of the Second World War until the collapse of the NAS in November of 1981. The tensions led to several ideologicial proxy wars being fought.

Timeline (1947 - 1957)


  • 13 November- The Second World War ends in Entente victory after the surrender of the United States and the signing of the Treaty of Los Angeles.
  • 7 December- The Treaty of Waterloo is signed, deeming all former British territories (excluding Wales and Northern Ireland) independent and establishing the Free City of Hong Kong. 
  • 22 December- Northern Ireland declares independence from the Republic England and joins Ireland.


  • 3 January- Tensions between English Republicans and Monarchists explode into riots across England and Wales.
  • 23 February- English Nationalists join the riots and ally with the Republicans.
  • 16 March- English crown is overthrown by a joint Republican-Nationalist coalition and a provisional government was put in place. 
  • 4 April- Under pressure, the Republican government in England abdicates in favor of the Nationalist government.
  • 19 June- A coup d'etat overthrows the Thai monarchy and an ultranationalist military junta is established
  • 26 July- The Gibraltar Accords are signed, which transitioned the former British territory of Gibraltar back into Iberian control.
  • 22 September- The World Defense Federation is formed amongst the allies of the Second World War.
  • 26 May- Doctor François Malan of the Afrikaner National Party wins the 1948 election in South Africa.
  • Unspecified- Ratifying of the African Bill in the Cape Town Parliament results in the implementation of Apartheid in the Republic of South Africa.


  • 13 January- The Scandanavian Union adopts a nationalist style government and forms the Nationalist Association of States with England and Siam as a response to the World Defense Federation.
  • 17 April- The Republic of Florida adopts a moderate socialist government and joins the World Defense Federation.
  • 5 May- The Republic of Texas declares war on the United Mexican States and begins the Mexican-Texan War.
  • 4 July- The United States of America official changes its name to the Union of American States and adopts a new flag.
  • 10 August- Yugoslavia reunifies under an ultranationalist Serbo-Croatian dictatorship.
  • 11 September- The English Army invades Northern Ireland, hoping to reclaim it from the Irish. This starts the Anglo-Irish War.


  • 17 February- President Philippe Leclerc goes on French State TV announcing French forces have landed in Indochina to destroy a rebellion. This is the start of the Indochina War and will drag on until 1970 dragging in three other French allied nations and will result in millions of deaths.
  • 12 June- The German Empire claims neutrality in the Cold War and offers itself as a buffer state. 
  • 4 October- Australia and New Zealand unify as the Republic of Australia-New Zealand.


  • 14 February- The Mexican Armies in Chihuahua surrenders to Texan forces, ending the Mexican-Texan War.
  • 17 March- Scottish forces intervene in the Anglo-Irish War on the side of the Irish. 
  • 22 May- The Italian Civil War breaks out between the Empire of Italy and French-supported Sicilian nationalists.
  • 14 July- A military coup overthrows the Republican French government and installs an ultranationalist government in it's place.




  • March 13th-May 7th- Battle of Dien Bien Phu, first major Viet Minh assault on a French military base. President Leclerc announces the major escalation of the conflict by sending an additional 500,000 soldiers to Indochina. The UAS, Scandinavia, and England all send men and weapons to Indochina. Operation: Whirlwind is the first major American operation with 3,000 UAS soldiers being flown in by the 3rd UAS Air Cavalry into Cambodia.

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