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The Early Years

The first five years after the war ends a new war begins between the Axis and remaining Allies, the Cold War.


Now that the war is over the Third Reich is finishing off its plans of its greatest fantasy, the superstate of Germania. Germany, Italy, Spain, and its other counterparts in the east now draw up their new borders. Germany claims all of France except for the Mediterranean coast where Italy receives the prize along with the British Isles, Norway, Denmark, the Low Countries, Poland, Iceland, the Baltic Rep., and all of Russia west of the Urals and other areas signified by the treaty signed at the time of the Soviet surrender. Italy gets the part of France above, all of Yugoslavia and Greece along with Crete, Malta, and Cyprus. Spain receives French Morocco and Gibraltar along with some other parts of French West Africa. As for the rest of the colonies of Britain and France, they are mostly given to Germany and Italy while Spain receives some leftovers. The United States though secures any Caribbean colonies that the Axis could secure by using the Monroe Doctrine. As for Canada and Newfoundland, the two unite to form the Republic of Canada. Canada then forms a super tight alliance with the US so to eliminate any idea that Canada is weak. In India a new massive republic forms and reluctantly forms an alliance with Japan. Germany now has its many lands but it wants more of Europe, specifically to the north and east. They make preparations to invade Sweden and Hungary while simultaneously staging coups in the countries along with other staged coups in Romania, Bulgaria, and Finland. In the US the event is seen as a fix and people worry over who will be Germany's next target again. The coups work in all but Hungary and Sweden as the governments in both countries put a stop to it and a war ensues between the two and Germany. Meanwhile Bulgaria, Romania, and Finland declare themselves part of the Greater German Reich and devote their armies to the Germans. With the plan going well so far, the Germans send out the order to surround all of Hungary and from all sides invade and conquer the country. Within two weeks the country surrenders and becomes part of the Greater German Reich. In Sweden the army is holding out as the Germans fail to reach Stockholm again and again. The Germans decide if they can't breach Swedish lines by September then an atomic bomb will be dropped on the city. Months later when September arrives the Germans have made progressive but not enough to reach the city. On September 11 an atomic bomb is dropped on the city. The next day the country surrenders and becomes part of the Greater German Reich. With Germany now having much of the land and population of Europe at their disposal they then form a new alliance only in Europe. It is a militaristic and economic union to create a strong Europe for mostly Germany's greater good. Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Italy form this union and it is known as The Alliance of European Nations or for short, AEN. In the Americas the USA forms a union to create a strong united Americas. The Union Of American Nations (UAN) and it consists of the following nations: the United States of America, Republic of Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Rep., Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. This union is viewed as a threat to Germany and the Cold War escalates and soon a massive arms build-up will separate the world.


As the Cold War has finally begun the US and Germany are working their scientists to the limit to develop new and more powerful weapons. The US is the closet to developing a Hydrogen bomb but German saboteurs are on the prowl. The UAN meanwhile decides to form the United Nations which will consist of the UAN and the Allied governments in exile. In the Far East the Japanese are realizing their dream as they create their East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere but it becomes the Greater Asian Union which consists of the now only Asian Soviet Union and all other puppet nations of Japan and gigantic Republic of India. In May reports of Nazi saboteurs all across the East Coast allow for the US government to conduct massive military raids at compounds but they discover little of the saboteurs plans. The US decides to conduct their own spy missions in Berlin. On July 11 the US discovers that their research has been sabotaged and reports of German saboteurs are no longer coming in. The US in the coming weeks does multiple spy raids on Nazi Intelligence Agencies while also infiltrating the Gestapo and SS Headquarters but discover something much worse than what they've stolen. US intelligence discovers that the two agencies along with the military have been conducting mass genocide of what they viewed as unclean peoples. The US decides that they must reveal the evidence to show the true evil that the Nazis have been conducting. On September 1st President Truman televises a national broadcast describing the horrors that the Nazi Party has committed over time. The next day the American public cries out along with the rest of the world and demand answers from the Nazi regime. Hitler is able to hide the truth from the German people but he has no idea of how long he can. On October 10 the world including Spain and Italy join a massive embargo against Germany. Japan and most of her allies stay loyal to their ally and promise to stand behind it even if the world turns against it. As for Japan's Asian Union only the non-puppet state of India leaves and joins the UN which promises to help India in case of a war between India and Japan even though Japan threatens a war with India. Germany then backs up Japan and this became the closet time so far that the world came to a Third World War. By November both sides back down. When Spain and Italy joined the embargo they unofficially left the Alliance of European Nations. In the US they have also discovered from their spies that Germany plans to launch a space satellite in 1951. The US makes its plans to sabotage the launch as they know that Germany is far more advanced in fighter jets and rocketry but their recent intelligence raid gave them knew ideas to work on and soon they plan to be pacing ahead of Germany. As the arms race and secret space race continues the world comes ever closer to a Hot War.


Ethiopia manage to establish itself as a Industrial powerhouse supplying nations with many arms. Scientists from all of the venture to this Nation and as a result they create the first Nuclear fusion Factory. Meanwhile, as the Germans only believe the US learned of their mass genocide and their re-retrieval of H-Bomb research they continue to prepare for their soon space launch. The US meanwhile finally completes their H-Bomb and tests it in the Nevada Desert. Meanwhile the public has become more liberal and demanding for equal rights. Truman and Congress sign the bill quickly which grants all peoples the same rights as anyone else whether they are African-American, Asian, Spanish, Same-Sex and Heterosexual or anything else. This gives the Germans more reason to eliminate the Americans but for now it must prove this superiority and the space program is sped up after hearing of the testing of an American H-Bomb. The US meanwhile continues to create modern jet planes and trying to create nuclear missiles while also trying to advance their space program by creating NASA. The Germans discover American plans and plan to have a fake satellite take-off while the real one will take-off at a disclosed location. By June the US has been testing its nuclear warheads and is on its way to creating their first warhead. Germany meanwhile is about to test its first H-Bomb. The US decides to plan to plant rebel sentiment throughout the conquered nations of Western Europe since it has lost track of the German space program and decides to do this to try to derail the Nazi regime from focusing on the space program and on its problems in Western Europe. Meanwhile the US thinks ahead and convinces other nations in the Un to adopt their Equal Rights Policy that they have been implementing across the nation.Ethiopia helps establish a German resistance within Germany supplying them with the Latest weaponry made by the Ethiopians. Hitler meanwhile faces much opposition as the German Resistance plans to overthrow him along with the SS, Gestapo and to also take out high officials involved in this mass genocide. The plan is planned for the day of the satellite launch, November 1 of 1950, as its production has been sped up and super-classified by Hitler himself. The German Resistance has since acquired new allies in Hitler's Circle and also have acquired equipment from US.

September 17, Ethiopian declares war on Germany, and marches through German territory to in order to liberate many of the surrounding nations. They manage to liberate Eritrea, Djibouti, Somali, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, German owned Congo and Tanzania. In retaliation Italy and Spain declare war on Ethiopia. In Germany the Ethiopian spies meet up with the GR leaders, Exiled Leaders of former states and the US spies planning the day of assassination.

September 2,

All across the world news feeds show Pictures of Hitler dead whilst in his limo, and many gestapo officers like Heinrich Himmler sentenced to death by hanging due to war crimes, crimes against humanity and more. Ethiopian and U.S. troops liberate all nations giving them back their land and splitting Germany and its capital in two, one half controlled by Ethiopia and the other America.


In the early winter of this year the trials of Hitler's main conspirators of the Holocaust are held. Majority are sentenced to hanging while some are sentenced to life with no parole or bail. Some kill themselves before their execution and some escape in unknown ways. After the trials Germany, Spain, and Italy join the UN. Neither of three are given much of a voice but become part of the global community. The UN then holds a meeting to discuss what to do with Germany. It is decided to place reparations on them to pay the last living relatives of the dead Jews in America and those coming out of hiding in Europe. In Germany the Jews are re-accepted into the society but civil unrest rises in many cities across the German Reich. By Summer the unrest has gotten out of control but the UN stands by claiming that Germany has brought this upon themselves. By November though, the violence is gone and new policies are ready to be implemented. One is that Nazism to a certain extent is banned across the world. In Germany they install a less violent and more tolerant version of Nazism across the nation and allow religion to be free throughout the country. Other laws give people back their lost rights and force the government to pay monthly reparations for the mass murders of people to Jewish communities in the US and throughout the world and also the damage they have done to cities across America. The Germans though do not accept the reparations the Americans demand to rebuild their cities but when Truman and Haile Salassie threaten that they will nuke Germany to hell so the German government agrees but with slightly less money to pay. They also make a deal to hold government elections on May 1, 1952 and to hold a Constitutional Convention in Berlin on September 1, 1952 which will be closely monitored by the Ethiopia. As another year draws to a close the United states does its best to build better weapons, as does Germany, but The Sovereign State of the Ethiopia Empire (a newly founded empire stretching from Tanzania in the south to Egypt in the north, Somali in the east to Sudan in the west) are way ahead and are already developing jet fighters and has already tested rockets and now is on its way to Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles as soon one side will build the ultimate weapon.


In Germany and the United States major elections are about to occur. In the US it would seem that the Taft/Nixon ticket is the clear front runner as ever since the Stevenson/Sparkman ticket was sponsored by Truman who is the main man blamed for America's defeat in the Second World War since FDR was dead before the war turned for the worse for America. In Germany the leaders of the coup become favorites to win the election amid death threats from Nazi groups across the world and in Germany. The provisional government decides to have Hitler hanged after the election to prevent any possible sympathy votes for those people who believe Hitler's death will be as a martyr. Meanwhile the United States research on nuclear research hits a breakthrough as they successfully test a nuclear warhead on a rocket. Spies in Germany learn that the Germans have also created a nuclear warhead but have not yet tested one. As the elections continue to come closer in both countries the US experiences a period of unknown as it is unclear who will win but by mid-October it seems clear that Stevenson/Sparkman will win when they get eleven point lead over Taft/Nixon after it is revealed that Taft would try to work out a deal with Germany, the hated enemy of America. This among the new Brown Scare, which is the equivalent of the Red Scare except involving Fascism instead of Communism. To make things worse, in Cuba Fidel Castro, a well known Fascist leader, leads a revolution to overthrow the government. Castro having learned early war tactics from the Nazis was able to lead an army. Within six weeks the capital had been taken and Castro was supreme in Cuba. The US became worried as immediately Germany opened strong diplomatic relations with Cuba. Meanwhile in Germany the provisional government wins re-election and immediately begins to work on its constitution. In the US Stevenson/Sparkman are able to barely defeat Taft/Nixon. As so many things begin to take place across the world people begin to wonder if there might be a third world war.

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