Cold War

Cold War (1970–1980)

Cold War (1981–1990)

Cold War (1991-2000)

Cold War (2001-2012)

This period starts with the overwhelming defeat of Iraq by the United States. The American quit development of advanced conventional weapons and there deployment were a shock to most other nations including American allies and the Soviet Union. The new weapons included rail-guns projectiles from arsenal submarines in the Persian Gulf and long range, sub orbital, hypersonic bombers. As well as the Ithacus rockets which gave the American the ability to put a huge land force anywhere on the Earth in a matter of hours. These weapons caused a huge stir in the Soviet Union and with Mikhail Gorbachev, who had been a strong supporter of the reduction of the Soviet budget going back twenty years.

In addition to the American demonstration of these weapons, the ongoing crises in China and the near collapse of several African states due to ongoing environmental issues and Soviet satillites nations major mismanagement. The period ends with the election of Condolezza Rice the new American President in 2001 and Vladimir Putin becoming the leader og the Soviet Union.

President Nixon's death


Space Race


Planned Soviet Mars city

China War

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Middle East and Iran


Iranian Bomber

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