Bio weapon aftermath

What If?

Bio-weapons are a huge part of and threat to the existence of mankind. For decades the great superpowers of the world researched poisons and toxins capable of killing billions of people. Now bio-warfare is rarely mentioned in mainstream news. But what if the super virus the world had feared was already created, and saw it was Hitler's best bio-scientists working with Unit 731 to develop a toxin that would kill millions of enemy soldiers and civilians. Eric Traub, Germany's best bio-scientist was captured by the US during Operation: Paperclip and he would eventually go on to found the Plum Island Animal Disease Center. But what if this super virus was found and being studied. Traub would continue his work, and flee Germany, arriving in Argentina. When about to be captured Traub could A: release his virus into the world or B: not release it and let it fall into the hands of the Americans.

The Effects

The times they are a changin

With a virus starting in South America it would mean the US is under more threat than the USSR. But when the virus spreads to Africa and Asia it causes more concern for the world that can't stop its progress. With martial law enforced across the world, all anti-government critics would be rounded up and silenced. Bob Dylan would be rounded up, the hippie movement would not exist, and all those glorious late 60s songs no one but your parents love would never exist. History is totally changed after the collapse of most of the world's countries. Massive ethic cleansing and genocide occur in areas being infected by V1.

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