Points of Divergence

6, January, 1766: José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia is a stillborn.

30, June, 1768: José Garvasio Artigas is killed by a snakebite.

1810: Chile is more democratic.

1814: Paruguay is annexed by Argentina.

27, July, 1822: San Martin and Simon Bolivar meet in Guayaquil. The result is that Bolivar is free to keep La Republica De Colombia together.

1823: Central America stays with Mexico.

1826: Alto Peru (OTL Bolivia) ignores Simon Bolivar's advice and unifies with Peru.

1828: Argentina wins a more decisive victory in the Argentine-Brazilian War.


1831: A pro-democracy rebellion begins in Brazil.

1836: A democratic Constitution is written in Rio De Janeiro. Also, the Republic of Texas declared it's independence.

1837: A defeated Brazil calls a meting in Colón, Colombia. In attendance at the "Congress of Colón" are delegations from all American nations. After several months of negotiations, the Colon Accord is signed by the United States, Brazil, Chile, Haiti, and Colombia. The main part of the accord is a mutual defense pact.

1841: Columbia, toying with the idea of a Pacific-Caribbean Canal, attempts to buy the state Costa Rica from Mexico.

1844: War! The United States and Republic of Columbia both declare war on Mexico.

1845: US/Colombian forces capture Mexico City, Santa Anna killed. José Joaquín de Herrera made president.

1846: New constitution written for Mexico, makes a government similar to the US or Colombia.

1850: The Compromise of 1850 is approved by congess.

The Greater American War begins

6, November, 1860: Election of 1860. In a four-way race, Between Stephen Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, John Breckenidge, and John Bell, Licoln Wins.

24, December, 1860: South carolina secedes from the Union.

9, January, 1861: Mississippi secedes.

10, January, 1861: Florida secedes.

11, January, 1861: Alabama secedes

19, january, 1861: Georgia secedes.

26, January, 1861: Louisiana secedes.

1, February, 1861: Texas secedes.

8, February, 1861: Confederate States of America formed.

12, April, 1861: Confederates attack Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor.

17, April, 1961: Virginia secedes after call for more troops is issued.

6, May, 1861: Arkansas secedes.

7, May, 1861: Tennesee secedes.

20, May, 1861: North Carolina secedes.

26, May, 1861: Lincoln adopts the "Anaconda Plan"

13, June, 1861: Colombia declares war on the Confederacy, trying to quash nationalist sentiments in Venezuela. Phoney War in the Americas begins.

21, July, 1861: The first battle at Manassas; Confederate Victory.

8, November, 1861: The HMS Trent is captured by Union forces, along with Confederate ambassadors James Mason and John Slidell.

29, December, 1862: Normally Britain would stay out of a war like this. However, with the Colón Pact threatening British interests in Guiana, Canada, and the Caribbean, they see no other option but to declare war in favor of the Confederacy.

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