Cochimbo is a 1989 American film directed by Rick Tisch and starring Kurt Russell, Kevin Costner, Tom Hanks, Robert Davi, Hector Elizondo, John Leguizamo and Lee Oswald. The film is a dramitisation of the build-up to the spectacular Cochimbo attack in January of 1983 in Northern Brazil during the Brazilian War, detailing the infiltration of the Cochimbo Airfield and nuclear facility by deep-cover Colombian agents in 1982, the planning for the raid by American military brass, and the execution of the raid. Much of the 155 minute film's third act concerns the spectacular escape back to Allied-occupied territory by US Special Forces Squad Echo Seven Seven (E77) whilst being pursued by the Brazilian military in hostile terrain without accruing a single casualty despite numerous live engagements.

The film was critically acclaimed and an enormous commercial success, and was well received amongst members of the military for its relative realism and faithfulness to actual events and patriotic tone. The film was successful on the awards circuit, winning three Oscars (Cinematography, Sound Editing and Score) and being nominated for Best Director (Tisch) and Best Picture.



United States Special Forces Team Echo Seven Seven (E77)

  • Kevin Costner as Capt. Tim Cutter
  • Tom Hanks as FL Fred "Babyface" O'Neal
  • Michael Myers as PFC Ryan
  • John Stamos as Sgt. Jennings
  • Brian Atene as PFC Foster
  • James Kelly as PFC Montgomery
  • Dean Sanchez as Cpl. Tejada
  • Jake Bradley as PFC Bradley

US Naval Aviation

  • Kurt Russell as Col. John Grant
  • Matthew Modine as Capt. Bill "Beefie" Manning
  • Forest Whitaker as Liet. Samuels
  • Terry Shoemaker as Liet. Trent


  • Lee Oswald as Gen. Bob Talley, a Pentagon official charged with planning the raid
  • Hector Elizondo as Fabiano "Fabi" Borges, a disillusioned Brazilian intelligence official supplying the coalition with information
  • Robert Davi as Jack Cortez, a CIA liaison to the Republicanos
  • John Leguizamo as Manuelo Fortas, a deep-cover CIA spy sent to Cochimbo
  • Ron Huck as Roger Miles, a CIA officer stationed in Rio de Janeiro under cover
  • Ed Hay as JCS Chairman Gen. Unger
  • Melissa Flores as President Elizabeth Shannon
  • John Tyler as Secretary of Defense Julius Holmes
  • Tony Todd as Gen. Powell
  • Vicente Malvarde as Gen. Pedro Arhanda, chief of the Brazilian Atomic Division at Cochimbo
  • Javier Maques as Rodrigues, the security officer pursuing the Special Forces




Box Office

Reception by Military

Reception in South America

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