The Coastal Belt (German: Küstenriemen) is an urban agglomeration in East Prussia stretching from Danzig in the west to Memel in the northeast, with Königsberg serving as its central anchor. The Coastal Belt, also referred to simply as the Riemen, is home to about 6.8 million people, roughly half of East Prussia's population and including both Greater Danzig (Großdanzig), home to 1.7 million people, and Greater Königsberg (Großkönigsberg), home to 3.9 million people. The Coastal Belt is the industrial, commercial, financial and political backbone of East Prussia, almost exclusively German speaking with only small pockets of East Prussian ethnic minorities and the region from which every Chancellor of East Prussia since independence in 1944 has hailed. Geographically, the region accounts for roughly 40% of East Prussia's total land size.

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