Coalition of the London Treaty (COLT)
Si vis pacem, para bellum
Official languages English
Type Military alliance
Member states 70 States
Government Military Alliance
 -  Supreme Commander Sir Alexander Thomas Hamilton
 -  Secretary General Knud Magnus Bildt
 -  Chairman of the Coalition Military Committee Prince Henry, Duke of Connaught
 -  Upper house COLT Council
 -  Estabished 28 June 1997 

The Coalition of the London Treaty (COLT) was an intergovernmental military alliance based on the London Treaty signed in 1997. The organisation constitutes a system of collective defence whereby its member states agree to mutual defence in response to an attack by any external party.

The signatories to the London Treaty were the member states of the Northern Alliance (the Nordic countries), Imperial Commonwealth Federation, several other members of the Commonwealth, including Malaya, Israel, Persia & the Hashemite Kingdom.

The United States, Portugal, Japan, South Korea, Italy & Switzerland were associate members. Associate members had strong defence relationships but were not part of the mutual defence policy.