Coalition Wars
French Empire Map (Summer during the Battle of Moscow)
Date 20.04.1792-20.11.1815 (23 years and 7 months)
Location North Africa, Europe, North America and South America
Result French Win:
  • Russia is dependent on France
  • All colonies of the Coalition are verteit on the satellite countries and France
  • Parts of Canada go to the US
  • all German states go to the Confederation of the Rhine

Banner of the Holy Roman Emperor with haloes (1400-1806) Holy Roman Empire (before 1806)

Flag of Spain (1785-1873 and 1875-1931) Spain (before 1796, from 1808)
PortugueseFlag1750 Portugal
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Flag of Russia Russian Empire (before 1807, from 1812)
...and others

Flag of France Kingdom of France (1792)

Flag of France French Republic (before 1804)
Flag of France French Empire (from 1804)
French client states

Star-Spangled Banner flag USA (from 1812)