Coalition invasion of Iraq

13.March 2003


6.July 2003


Iraq, Iran, Kuwait


Coalition troops Defeated

Kuwait occupied by Iraq

Middle Eastern Coalition formed




United Kingdom





George W. Bush

Saddam Hussein



150 000 Infantry 1000+Armored Vehicles 300+Aircraft And Helicopters


20,000 Infantry


100+ Armored Vehicles

200+ Infantry


6000+ Infantry

Other NATO Forces



216,000+ Infantry

1100+ Armored Vehicles

300+ Jets and Helicopters


600,000 Infantry

500+ Armored Vehicles

50+ Aircraft


300,000 Infantry

600 Armored Vehicles

98 Aircraft


900,000+ Infantry

1100+ Armored Vehicles

148 Aircraft

Casualties and Losses

60,000 Wounded

9000 Killed

200,000 Wounded

60 000 Killed

Iraq War 2003 Map1

The initial UA plan for the invasion


The Coalition plan consisted on the use of Blitzkrieg Strategy. They wanted to quickly move throughout the desert, avoid most of the Iraqi strong points - to prevent high casualties, encircle Baghdad and end Saddam Hussein regime.

The Iraq strategy was rather simple, they dug in in their forts, and wanted to delay the NATO forces as long as possible.

The Strength of the units


US forces is equipped with the most modern M1 Abrams Tanks, Bradley fighting vehicles, Apache helicopters and Jets. They have a huge air superiority over their enemy.


The Iraqi army is equipped with older Soviet exported T-72, T-64 and T-52 tanks, old BTR APCs and Soviet weapons. They have a land superiority, but their army is weak and undisciplined.

The Beginning of the invasion (13.March 2003)

4:30 AM- The USAF starts bombing runs on the several cities in south Iraq.

5:05 - First US Troops crossed Kuwait borders and entered Iraq.

7:05-US troops are moving towards the city of Nasiryah.

14.March - 21 March-Battle of Nasiryah

The first Us troops arrived at Nasiriyah at 10:30 AM.

The 30,000 Iraqi garrison forces are fortified and the city is changed to fortress.

15.March- The battle of south part of the city begins.

17.March- Despite heavy casualties the Iraqi troops continue to defend at all cost.

19.March- US forces captured almost whole city. Iraqi troops started to surrender.

21.March- The city is captured by US Forces.


The British and Australian forces captured the city of Basra with heavy casualties.

29.March - 12.April -Battle of Karbala

US forces entered the city with heavy resistance, but they have highly underestimated Iraqi forces. US Army takes heavy casualties from the Iraqi counterattack and is forced to retreat. The first protest against the war begins in Washington, D.C.

12. April 

After heavy US casualties the city of Karbala is captured. US troops are just 70 km from the capital city of Baghdad.

12-29. April

US and British forces have the city of Baghdad encircled. The Hussein's regime is on the verge of collapse.


The battle of Baghdad begins, the Iraqi forces are fighting to the death.


Iran declares war on Coalition, joins the war on the Iraq side. US and NATO are shocked. Irani troops assault and captures the city of Basra.


The army of Iran encircle the city of Kuwait. It's defended by the 20,000+ British forces but soon the city is overrun and the remaining British troops are forced to retreat.


Map iraq2

Situation in Iraq-20.May

Army of Iran is attacking the city of Nasiryah, US forces suffer heavy loses. Meanwhile in Baghdad, Iraqi forces counter-attack and Americans have no other choice than to retreat.


US Forces are encircled in the Central Iraq.


The encircled US Forces attempted to counter-attack and fight throughout the enemy but they failed.


Iraq rel96

10.June Situation

Combined Iraqi and Iranian army attacks the encircled US Forces. 6000 Americans die. 100,000 Americans surrender.

6.July-Peace Negotiation begin

Following the defeat of US forces. President Bush realized that this war cannot be won and Peace Negotiation began in Kuwait. The peace treaty was signed on the following terms:

-US troops will retreat from Iraq,

-Kuwait will be annexed by Iraq 

-Iraq will release all US Prisoners.

MEC-Middle eastern coalition was formed with first two members Iraq and Iran.

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