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Points of Divergence

Tunguska Incident of 1908

Based on the Tunguska event of 30 June, 1908

A radiant glow lit up the morning sky over Lake Baikal in Russia, as a blazing spherical object broke through the clouds and rapidly descended in northern direction. Some ten minutes later, lakeside Russians and natives alike, witnessed a bright flash on the horizon, followed by a series of tremendous explosions. Over the following days, property damages resulting from tremors were reported many miles around the impact site, while the nightly skies over the Eurasian continent were ablaze due to the momentary disturbance of the atmospheric layers. Expeditions were mounted by the Russians and later, the Soviets, establishing that the forested area around the Middle Tunguska River was either struck by an air burst of meteorites or the remnants of a small comet or asteroid. Still, rumors about the incident continued to spread over the years, not in the least due to the local Evenks, who regularly come across frightful "Valleymen" in the area and claim to have found remarkable debris on the impact site...

Milano Incident of 1933

Based on an alleged UFO crash publicized by the author Roberto Pinotti

On the thirteenth of June, a saucer-shaped object tumbled from the sky over the Italian city of Milan (Italian: Milano) and landed somewhere in the surrounding countryside. Without raising too much suspicion, authorities salvaged the mostly intact object from a surprised farmer's field and transported it on a military flatbed truck to nearby Vergiate. There, a team of top-scientists led by the Nobel Prize winning inventor Guglielmo Marconi, carefully reverse-engineered the craft in order to learn the secrets behind its propulsion and possible weaponry. The entire operation was closely supervised by Benito Mussolini himself, who upon hearing that remains were found, requested the pathologist Aldo Castellani to return from London to carry out the autopsies.

Freiburg Incident of 1936

Based on an alleged UFO crash publicized by the author Jan van Helsing


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