Day of Assassination===

January 2, 1996

3:09 P.M.

While campaigning for the Iowa Caucus, Clinton is shot two times in the stomach.

3:10 P.M

The shooter is shot dead almost instantly by secret service agents. The shooter is later identified as Mark Reynolds, a religious zealot who believed Clinton was pushing America away from God.

3:13 P.M.

Al Gore, who was is at home with his family at the Vice Presidential Residence, is notified that the President has been shot. "Oh my God!" he exclaims. Tipper, Al, and the rest of the family say a prayer for the situation.

3:24 P.M.

Clinton is pronounced dead en route to the hospital.

3:31 P.M.

Gore is sworn in as the 43rd President of the United States.

3:40 P.M

Now President, Gore delivers a speech to a gittery nation. Gore fails to hold back tears as he talks about Bill Clinton the human being and how much he'll miss him.

"But, despite the evil inflicted upon us today, we must move on. Move on because it is the right thing to do, because it is what Bill would want and move on because we have no other alternative but to keep living despite the pain. I was not elected President by the people of America, but I do hope you will stand with me now, for whatever we face, no matter how much we've lost, America and her people will continue."

As nation mourns the passing of the popular President. Figures from both sides of the political floor voice their sympathy. Even Clinton's political rivals, Bob Dole, who said we have lost a great man and a great patriot Newt Gingrich. We will never nor shall we forget him and former President George H.W. Bush says the world has lost a great man and I have lost a friend.

5:00 pm

Another man by the name of John Forbes admits to being a second gunman.

10:00 Al Gore moves into the White House.

The Clinton Funeral

Two days later, January 4th, the funeral is held, and it filled with tearful stories of Clinton by friends, family members, and those who knew him best.

All living former presidents: Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush are in attendance.

A mourning Hillary Clinton chose to vanish from the spotlight after the funeral.

During this period, President Al Gore's approval rating reaches 93%, the highest recorded in history.

Republican Party Presidential Primaries 1996 (Clinton Assassinated)

1996 Democratic National Convention / Primaries

President Gore is renominated easily. At the convention, he names Joe Biden is vice presidential nominee.

1996 Republican National Convention

Pat Buchanan receives the nomination for president and names John McCain as his running mate.

November 1996 - Gore/Biden flattens Buchanan/McCain in an electoral landslide. The Democrats take back the Senate by one seat (Mark Warner beats John Warner). They also take back the House of Representatives by gaining 53 seats.

1997 - President Gore signs the "American Energy Independence and Investment Act"." As the Economy grows, President Gore is very popular and the deficits are shrinking drastically. Al Gores father passes away.

1999 - President Gore balances the budget for the first time in years, House Speaker Dick Gephardt applauds the action.

June 1999 - President Gore signs a bill investing $200 billion in Wind, Solar, and Clean Coal technologies. Gore, announces he will run for reelection.

November 2000 - President Gore wins re-election over Texas Governor George W. Bush. Gore wins all the states he carried (in our time line) plus Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee and West Virginia. In December, President Gore announces the formation of the bipartisan health care reform commission in order to find the best solution for Health Care. Gore balances the budget again in 2001.

July 2001 - President Gore signs the American Universal Health Care Act which creates a government run public option and allows people to buy health care across state lines.

August 2001 - President Gore receives a memo titled "Bin Laden determined to strike inside the U.S." Gore orders bombings in Afghanistan and all involved are arrested or killed.

Sept 11, 2001 - Dow falls 500 points, Gore tells the nation about the failed terrorist attack.

Oct 2001, The United States invades Afghanistan in order to take down the Taliban Regime.

In a meeting with John McCain, President Gore decides to place an embargo on all nations sponsoring terror, as the U.S. is no longer dependent on foreign oil and McCain agrees to to the plan.

2002 - The Embargo goes into place and the EU, China and Russia follow suit. Soon, most Terrorist states and organizations collapse.

Oct 2002- President Gore vetoes a bill that would have given a 1.35 trillion dollar tax cut to the top earners.

Nov 2002, the Democrats lose the senate narrowly.

2003 - Gore signs McCain-Feingold into law. GM releases a truck that gets 50 mpg.

2004 - Vice President Biden loses to Jeb Bush

2005 - Bush takes office, he states the need for a greater emphasis on "free enterprise."

2006 - The budget deficit is eliminated and the U.S. is now dependent on Renewable and Clean fuels. It is estimated that five million new jobs have been created as a result of Gore's practices. The Republicans take back the house.

2007 - The economy begins to collapse, Bush responds by cutting taxes. However, this causes a spike in deficits.

November 2008 - New York Senator Hillary Clinton defeats President Bush in a landslide.

January 20, 2009 - President Clinton and Vice President Obama take office.

February 2009 - President Clinton signs a bill that gives bonuses that produce at home and not overseas. Also, she signs amendments to NAFTA and CAFTA.

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