Timeline for the alternative universe in which the 22nd Amendment was never passed.


The 22nd Amendment is passed in the Senate but fails in the House.


President Eisenhower announces that he will not seek a third term in 1960. Although he wishes to run, Mamie and his doctor convince him that a third campaign would kill him.


Ronald Reagan announces on April 1 that he will not seek a third term as president.


Bill Clinton plans for re-election are set back when the Monica Lewinsky scandal leads to his impeachment.


President Clinton survives impeachment and pledges to work for the American people for the remainder of his presidency. Clinton also announces that he will run for a third term.

John F. Kennedy, Jr. announces that he will run for the U.S. Senate from New York as a Democrat. First Lady Hillary Clinton was thought to be considering a run for the same seat but announced that she would not be seeking any elected office in 2000.

George W. Bush becomes the GOP front-runner with, Liz Dole, Steve Forbes, Pat Buchanan, and Dan Quayle as second-tier candidates. In late 1999, AZ Senator John McCain begins to gain ground in New Hampshire.


Governor Bush easily wins the GOP primaries and chooses Dick Cheney as his running mate.

President Clinton in unopposed for re-nomination and chooses to keep Vice President Gore on his ticket.

Clinton is seen as a strong and popular president. However, his numerous scandals make George Bush's campaign's call for clean government popular with voters. On Election night, Clinton wins the popular vote but loses the electoral vote after a bitter recount in Florida. Bush wins the Presidency with 270 electoral votes, the exact amount needed for victory.

Clinton vs. Bush 2000

The 2000 Presidential Election between President Bill Clinton and Governor George W. Bush was one of the closest in American history.

In the New York senate election, John F. Kennedy, Jr. easily defeats Republican Rick Lazio by a 12-point margin.


Former First Lady Hillary Clinton moves to Illinois to prepare a run for office. In October, she announces her bid for Governor of Illinois.


Hillary Clinton easily wins the Democrat gubernatorial primary over former Attorney General Roland Burris. In November, Clinton defeats Republican Jim Ryan 53% to 44%.


Governor Hillary Clinton takes a hands-off approach to state government, letting Mayor Daley, Speaker Madigan and other powerful Democrats set the policy while she travels on the state's behalf as well as her own.


Former Vice President Al Gore wins the Democrat nomination and chooses Senator Joe Lieberman as his running mate.

In November, Gore loses to President Bush 51% to 48% in the popular vote and 290 to 248 in the Electoral College.
Bush vs. Gore 2004

The 2004 Presidential Election between President George W. Bush and Former Vice President Al Gore.

With Gore's defeat, JFK Jr. and Hillary Clinton are seen as front-runners for 2008.


Governor Clinton is popular with the voters of Illinois and is easily re-elected over Republican Judy Baar Topinka 56% to 35%.

In New York, John F. Kennedy, Jr. is re-elected with 69% of the vote.


President Bush announces in March that he will not run for re-election. Both Hillary Clinton and JFK, Jr. entered to 2008 Democrat primaries and both are considered front-runners with Clinton taking an early leads in polls and fund-raising. Illinois Senator Barack Obama decides not to run but instead endorses Kennedy.


Kennedy narrowly defeats Clinton in Iowa, but she comes back to win in New Hampshire. Clinton and Kennedy battle all the way to the Democrat convention in Denver were Kennedy wins the nomination with just a few delegates to spare. Kennedy chooses Senator Barack Obama as his running mate.

In November, Kennedy soundly beats Republican John McCain 54% to 45%.

JFK, Jr. Vs. McCain 2008

The 2008 Presidential Election was a great victory for the Democrat ticket of Kennedy/Obama over the Republican ticket of McCain/Palin.

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