Cleopatra VII Philopator
Cleopatra VII
Queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom
Reign 51 – 48 BC (3 years)
Predecessor Ptolemy XII Auletes
Co-rulers Ptolemy XII Auletes
Ptolemy XIII

Arsinoe IV
Spouse Ptolemy XIII Theos Philopator
Issue none
Full name
Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator
House Ptolemaic
Father Ptolemy XII Auletes
Mother Cleopatra V
Born 69 BC
Died 48 BC (aged 21)

Burial Unknown

This person page concentrates on their effects on the Cupiditate Regni Adductus TL. If you wish to add the events of the person's life before the POD, feel free to do so, but follow the editorial policies. (On main page).

Cleopatra VII Philopator was one of the last rulers of the Ptolemaic Kingdom . She was noted for her attempts to seduce Julius Caesar , before they were both killed in 48 BC by the forces of Arsinoe IV , her sister.

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