Cleitus the Black
Timeline: Mind the Spear, Cleitus

Macedonian General
c.350 – 319 BC

Born c. 375 BC
Died c. 319 BC
Spouse Unknown
Religion Greek polytheism

Cleitus the Black was a general in the Macedonian Army under King Philip II and his son Alexander. He is responsible for saving Alexander the Great's life at the Battle of Granicus in 334 BC. A friend to Alexander and Philip II alike, Cleitus was eventually assigned to a post in Asia Minor due to Alexander's removal of those close to his father. Cleitus is known for having been quite upset by this and voiced his concern to Alexander directly in 348 BC. In OTL, an intoxicated Alexander killed Cleitus with a spear. In this universe, however, Cleitus left before Alexander came to such an extreme measure. The general begrudgingly accepted the post in Central Asia, eventually retiring from the army and dying at Pella in 319 BC.