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The Citrus Bowl is a college football postseason bowl game played at the historic Citrus Bowl in Havana, Cuba. The game has been played in early January every year since 1954 and traditionally has had a tie-in with the Northeastern Conference, generally hosting a high-ranked team from that conference against an at-large team, usually but not always from the Central Conference. Since the 1973 agreement between the NEC and Manhattan Bowl for the conference champion, the Citrus Bowl typically hosts the runner-up of the conference. The Citrus Bowl is part of the Elite Series rotation and thus hosts the national championship game on occasion. It will be the site of the 2013 national championship game.


Game Results

Annual Date Played Winning Team Losing Team
1st January 1, 1954
2nd January 1, 1955
49th January 1, 2000 Pittsburgh 41 Mississippi 37
48th January 2, 2001 Pittsburgh 38 Montana State 28
49th January 1, 2002 Pittsburgh 44 Georgia Tech 9
50th January 2, 2003 Penn State 24 TCU 10
51st† January 5, 2004 Washington 35 Huron 24
52nd January 2, 2005 Peninsula 31 Massachusetts 14
53rd January 1, 2006 Minnesota 26 Syracuse 17
54th January 1, 2007 Eastern New York 50 TCU 31
55th January 2, 2008 Pittsburgh 41 LSU 14
56th January 1, 2009 Nova Scotia 27 Boise State 21
57th January 2, 2010 Boise State 30 Penn State 27
58th January 2, 2011 Massachusetts 52 Nebraska 24
59th January 3, 2012 Nova Scotia 35 Montana State 24
60th† January 7, 2013 Cuba Texas

† = National Championship Game

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