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The Citizens' Party was a political party of the Confederate States, in existence between 1889 and 1954. It contested eleven presidential elections, winning four. The party was in power for all but six years between 1892 and 1922.

Presidential candidates

Successful candidates are highlighted in bold:
  • 1891: John B. Gordon (Georgia) and Benjamin Tillman (South Carolina)
  • 1897: Benjamin Tillman (South Carolina) and James S. Hogg (Texas)
  • 1903: James S. Hogg (Texas) and Thomas E. Watson (Georgia)
  • 1909: Thomas E. Watson (Georgia) and Napoleon B. Broward (Florida)
  • 1915: M. Hoke Smith (Georgia) and James K. Vardaman (Mississippi)
  • 1921: James K. Vardaman (Mississippi) and Ellison D. Smith (South Carolina)
  • 1927: Ellison D. Smith (South Carolina) and Thaddeus H. Caraway (Arkansas)
  • 1933: Huey P. Long (Louisiana) and Theodore G. Bilbo (Mississippi)
  • 1939: William B. Bankhead (Alabama) and Olin D. Johnston (South Carolina)
  • 1945: Olin D. Johnston (South Carolina) and George L. Berry (Tennessee)
  • 1951: Fielding L. Wright (Mississippi) and Eugene Siler (Kentucky)

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