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Alexander the Great both founded and captured many cities in his conquest of Europe and Asia. These are their rankings in size at various times in the past. Note these are only within the Hellenistic Empire.

250 BCE

City Name Founded Population Region Notes
Alexandria ~300 BCE 600,000 Eastern Egypt Founded by Alexander III
Carthage ~800 BCE 500,000 North Africa
Rome ~750 BCE 450,000 Italian Peninsula
Babylon ~1900 BCE 420,000 Mesopotamia
Athens ~2000 BCE 400,000 Greece Rebuilt to its former glory in 300 BCE
Corinth ~1000 BCE 380,000 Greece
Sparta ~1000 BCE 370,000 Greece
Pella ~400 BCE 350,000 Macedonia Capital of the Empire
Byzantium ~700 BCE 330,000 Macedonia
Thebes ~1500 BCE 300,000 Greece
Susa ~1200 BCE 270,000 Persia Population was increased greatly

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