The Church of the Sicans is the official religion of the Sican tribes. It was established by King Palermos and endured through the ages. The highest leader is the Cuchai.

Sican Religion Before the Church

Before the Church of the Sicans was founded in 118 BCE by King Palermos, the Sicans had a losely defined system of myths and legends that they believed in. Furthermore, they would worship the gods and heroes of their myths, and sacrifice and pray. Every town had different gods or heroes, but there were a few main ones that could be seen throughout the country.

Beliefs of the Church

The Church of the Sicans established which tales were true and which were not in a convention held by King Palermos in 118 BCE. They then recorded the stories in a great book, which became the Sican Bible.


The head of the church is the Cuchai, whose location constantly changed as certain Sican countries gained power and lost power. Below the Cuchai are bishops, who control entire countries or at least large portions of them. Bishops are the overseers of the entire church in the area they look over, and they can hire priests and elect Cuchais.

Following the bishop is the priest, who controls local temples in cities, towns, and villages.

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